Fraze attends dreamhack and cries about map changes!

Nice. Did not understand 4 slow + 1 fast to begin with. Glad additional maps were not added as a 7 map pool typically start with drop/drop, which of course, while not required (could be ppddddp) would more than likely happen. Going to seven would probably re-add another fast map.

Ignore fraze, the only reason he is bitching is because his fav map is tox. The majority of his recent games have been on cure and sinister, and it appears, specifically not tox.

His reasoning for being cut over ZTN was due to not practicing it to this point, yet they are not practicing tox?

Of course he might be playing some sort of offline ql, or on aliases*, but why would you change up your practice regime^ on another account or playing offline? In au/nz we don’t really play cure or sinister very much so getting as much time on those while not getting rusty on older maps seems prudent. Which appears to be what he is doing!

*Which fraze has specifically (and for some reason proudly) said he never ever does in at least one interview :) Also offline ql? Naughty naughty.

^Lets hide the fact I practice tox but not the other maps, teehee. So clever, noone will think I play it!

In fact given the apparent lack of tox play it is fairly obvious that fraze was decently confident on it, and has not bothered playing it recently. Judging by maps he has picked in previous tournaments, his “dueling while talking” series, his reaction to this new map pool*.. he liked tox and felt confident it being there.

*New map pool being one change. If one single map is such a problem the problem is that one map, not the rest of the pool :)

This post could get longer with more pointing out similar things, like there are seven weeks till the event, the map pool was announced 15 days ago, a large majority of people on esr* wanted it changed, etc.

*I know that this is not really a good gauge, after all lots of people liked britney at one point right? However a lot of these are backed up with examples of recent tournaments where the decider map has been tox and has been.. bad. As a spectator I don’t really enjoy it.

My one piece of input for the dreamhack guys would be add something along the lines of “This is the current prelim map list and will be finalised or changed by XYZ date” in future. A week or two (more like 2-3 hours) is enough to gauge the reaction. While I don’t doubt players that want to bitch about changes would find a way it would at least shut down this current argument of “blah blah blah blah they shouldn’t have changed it”.


I have to question why a donation drive was run on 4sg to send fraze when he says this:

Since there are a few international Quake Live events now, what made you decide to attend Dreamhack Winter?

Fraze: I would be in Europe at the time anyway and its about time I played at an international LAN!

Really. Were people donating paying for a holiday in eu? Maybe they were donating so you could attend from another part of europe. Thats fair enough I guess.

Until you stop and think that since you had the cash to travel to europe already why would you not make dh the destination rather than begging from the community.

Lets not mention that the map list had little to do with fraze attending, he seemed keen to go before the list was even announced.

I was excited to watch a tournament without fast map, with a 5 map pool with new maps.

However since I wrote the above dreamhack have reneged on the changed maplist – updating it again and adding tox and aero to the list. Disappointing to say the least and we will be lucky to see anything except bo5/7 being played on new maps.

oh well