What is this

What am I reading?
Well, it is a blog.

I’m Joel, a gamer/designer/SEO guy/sometimes photographer.

I enjoy design and especially logo creation. You can see some of my work on my portfolio site. I sort of enjoy writing and I guess that in a way I hope to improve writing here.

Techbuy is my employer of choice and my role fulfills their design, UX and online marketing needs. Of late SEO has become more interesting to me and currently I am attempting to make the site sing.. at a higher octave or something, since it was fairly good to begin with.

This guy changed my outlook on SEO. Previously my thoughts were mostly about backlinks and very basic on page optimisation- headings/titles, if you know anything about SEO the drill is the usual one. Now I am interested in content, his mantra is basically build it and they will come.

I have a long and somewhat colourful gaming history. Around the turn of the century I was playing an old game called Unreal Tournament, which I was rather decent at. Attending WCG in Korea twice was the highlight, and the ten years since then has been downhill overall. Here is a video of the final from 2001 WCG, I am not in it and finished fifth/sixth, playing as skar. These days I do not game as much and I am not that good, but I still enjoy some from time to time.

A large portion of the content on this site will be forum replies. I decided to post them here instead of whatever forum I read to see what sort of traffic they generate.

However they are long, rambling and I am going to use them to build content on this site. This is simply an experiment to see how much traffic this stuff generates.

So this blog is an test. It is an experiment to see what sort of traffic I will get for long, rambling articles about whatever takes my fancy, it will not be limited to gaming but I assume that a large part of content will be about it in one way or another.

Why mousepad feet? A while ago I was somewhat enamored with the idea of niche sites to sell product via the amazon affiliate program. I am not sure what “mousepad feet” are exactly but if you have a quick google you will probably discover the same thing I did – not replacement feet for your mouse. Pays to work out what something is before registering a domain for it.