Birkenhead Point Photography and ironcove bridge

Birkenhead point is ok for outlets and stuff at certian times of the year. The rest of the time its not overly cheap, much like DFO.

My other half decided she wanted to go shopping so I went for a walk up to the Ironcove Bridge and its new duplication. I should have jumped the fence for the awesome underneath shot of the original Ironcove bridge but I was feeling soft on the day.

D80 + 50mm 1.4G

Atrium Cafe at Birkenhead

Fishing and a catamaran at Birkenhead

Fishing at Birkenhead

Catamaran at Birkenhead

Yellow flowers at Birkenhead

Old warehouse external view

Scrub at Birkenhead

Scrub and trees

Birkenhead oysters and rocks

Closed ferry warf at birkenhead

Ironcove bridge duplication at birkenhead

Fishing at birkenhead ferry warf

Birkenhead from Ironcove bridge