iPhone 5 first look – the new iPhone 5!

I hope it’s a fake. Pretty dull design otherwise.

You know I agree with you. I own the 4S & my Dad owns the 4, I find it a heavy phone and I’m not a fan of the design.

I was hoping they would just make a plastic or aluminum one, similar to the Galaxy S II or III.

I mean that is basically the same design as the 4S except the headphone jack is moved, apart from some probable internal upgrades that you won’t really notice I don’t like this at all.

I wish I could buy a Samsung Galaxy S III with iOS 6 /

I have the 4S and really like this look of this. I hate almost every plastic phone I’ve ever picked up, it just feels cheap. I really think the design of this phone looks solid.

I second that. Plus, if this actually IS the new iPhone, I like the dark brushed metal look.

i like the design of the 4S better than all the plastic phones. Lumia 900 is still the best though. But i’m a bit disappointed by Apple if this is their new Design. Pretty boring – nothing new. But in all seriousness… apple has a hard time flashing everybody every year. Everybody is expecting something crazy new.

Well.. still boring

I agree. I would like to be wowed and drooling. But I’m pretty sure the phone has enough little tweaks and changes to keep me happy.

Or if this is all a smokescreen, and Apple has something awesome up their sleeve.. then even better. )

I disagree that this isn’t interesting. You know what this reminds me of? The original iPhone. I loved that design. They just couldn’t keep it because the aluminum was a bit expensive at the time, and interfered with 3G signals.

By the way, I’m not insinuating that anyone here specifically said this, but a lot of people said when the original iPhone came out, that it didn’t matter what it looked like, can it do stuff? And everyone here is pretty much stating how they don’t like the design. I find it interesting too that this happens when any new phone comes out, you find a bunch of people who hate it and they all post, and very few people say they love it. And then a bunch of people buy it.

Same thing happened for the iPhone 4, same thing happened for the Galaxy Note. People’s tastes are never what you expect.

How does it remind you of the original iPhone when it looks just like the iPhone 4?

I think he’s referring to the multiple colors on the back.

The possible aluminum casing? The two toned gray and black back? The fact that all the iPhones look alike and each one should remind you of the other?

I think it’s funny that the iPhone 4S looked exactly like the iPhone 4… yet the iPhone 4S was the best-selling iPhone to date.

And now here we are… with a new design… a larger screen… and who knows what else… and people think it will be a failure.


It won’t be a failure. It’s another iPhone.

It won’t be a failure, plenty of non technology inclined buyers will buy them. Any iPhone owner who is insistent that they are so technologically gifted is really fooling themselves, with a locked down file system, lack of side loading apps, and inability to attach any file to an email, things like this show how non tech savvy the targeted buyer is.

I just think it’s lame that the design looks like an Amaze 4G and an iPhone 4S had a baby… I love the Amaze 4G, but it is so early 2011. Apple is behind the technology curve again. But that won’t hurt its sales because there are a lot of people who don’t know better and will buy it just because of the popular name.




I consider myself to be “technical gifted” (though gifted is perhaps a somewhat heavy word) and I still buy the iPhone.

Four simple reasons

It just works

I am familiar with it and know my way around iOS

I’ve invested in its ecosystem since the iPhone 3G (and in Apple’s ecosystem in general since the Macbook Air)

It looks good

Sure, some of these points might apply to a lot of other phones, there’s a reason why Samsung sells phones like hotcakes and why a free market works in general. But all these points together make me take this phone over any other out there (if and when this phone is released).

I feel good about my decision, and I am sure you feel good about yours as wel.

Dude, Doakie, this is completely incorrect. I know hundreds of folks who work in the high tech industry in Silicon Valley (because I also work there), and almost all of them use the iPhone. There have been a few Android converts recently but I would say they are less than 2%.

I have worked on all sorts of technology — including very low level Linux etc — but I enjoy the iPhone — its delightful to use — and its amazing to see how they have created such an easy to use device shielding all the complexity of the embedded system. I satisfy my power-user tendencies by jailbreaking sometimes — but mostly I stay at the level of App Store and use hundreds of excellent apps.

Being technically inclined does not mean that EVERY THING which ones sees around should be technically complex and hard to use.

I know hundreds of folks who work in the high tech industry in Silicon Valley (because I also work there), and almost all of them use the iPhone.

Which is what Robert Scoble often says. Some people should read the man’s + blog and realize that the iPhone has the support of the geeks who matter first and foremost. Not basement tinkerers working on their latest Rom, but VC backed 10 million dollar mobile developers.

He also has some realistic things to say about WP 7.

it won’t be a failure, but it deserves to be if that’s the most inspired redesign they can come up with. It’s the definition of resting on your laurels and momentum, it’s the styling of a toyota carola or a honda civic, bland and unexciting.

So… looks are the most important thing?


Most important? no, but they are much more important than they used to be because most smartphones can do the basics well enough. Top tier smartphones need to distinguish themselves beyond the basics now, so yes, looks matter.

So what’s the problem here… this new iPhone won’t look different enough from the iPhones before it?

It’s still the only phone that will look like that.

Who else has a metal unibody?

If they made it out of colored plastic… it would look like many other phones out there. Apple already made phones out of plastic… but they moved on.

I think you’re also forgetting that the iPhone has always had an iconic look and shape.

It’s the styling of a Porsche 911, recognizable the world over, refined and recreated over time, and classic.

That car looks stale and dated. It’s aesthetic design has been surpassed by many times by cars far cheaper and more beautifully designed.

That car looks stale and dated.

This is an opinion not backed up by sales.

It’s aesthetic design has been surpassed by many times by cars far cheaper and more beautifully designed.

This is another opinion not backed up by sales.


I’m sure I’m in the minority, but my favorite iPhone design was the iPhone 3G. There’s just something about it that I love.

I would actually be happy if this is it. I will begrudgingly accept the seemingly mandatory requirement of a larger screen if it barely changes the size of the phone.

Also, I think this design progression is more like the original-iPhone-to-3G evolution. Pretty much the same general design but with a mild cosmetic and construction overhaul.

Because of that, I think the ‘next-next’ iPhone will be the next scheduled grand overhaul, ala the 3GS-to-4 design transition.

If I’m not mistaken, the timelines are very similar as well.

I love the white iPhone 4/4S design — and I was wondering whether whatever that Apple comes up with for iPhone 5 would be able to lure me from iPhone 4S. But looks like Apple has taken the best design feature from iPhone 4S — the rectangular steel frame on all the sides of the phone — and added another great design element — the brushed metal back. Looks like this will win me over.

Can’t understand why the whole back wouldn’t be metal. If the antenna is the same, then it doesn’t matter is signals can get through the back. Still think this is a prototype that’s similar, but not THE, final product.

I don’t think it’s the final product either. The gray and black on the back just doesn’t look right to me. Not like the original iPhone at least.

I’m sorry but this design is just boring! Makes me wonder what the hell Apples design team are even do these days considering most of their new products this year are just tweaks of last years products! Must be good to be Jony Ive I guess! Sure this phone has nice elements to it – the darker metal, the two tone back (which I’ve always loved from my original iPhone), speaker grills/headphone jack etc but it still looks like a stretched 4/4S! You would think with all the crap they got about the external antenna, they would move away from that design and that it would at least inspire a totally fresh design. We know the hardware isn’t going to be that amazing – so why not wow us with a great design? I’m bored of my 4 and was looking forward to upgrading to this, but if this is what it is – I am disappointed. I want to believe this is fake and Apple will wow us just like the iPhone 2G and iPhone 4 releases, but at this late stage of parts leaking – this is in all likelihood, pretty close to the final product. (

They spent the time and money to perfect the external antenna for the 4S on top of the time and money to get to the 4 design in the first place all for the goal of saving space on the inside. Everyone wants LTE and same battery life so in order to get that you need to make the phone taller and keep the antenna outside and to expect Apple to change the design so drastically for the sake of change is just foolish. Apple has always made design changes to their products to obtain a goal and never for the sake of change alone.

I could not agree more. In addition, retaining a very strong design language is critical and what most companies (in any industry) fail to execute. You end up with fads that come and go. Apple design is timeless.

Just look at the Porsche 911. The absolute best example of timeless refinement to a basic design. They all look gorgeous and instantly recognizable after 40 years. I think Apple is spot on with this iteration.

I like this example. Don’t reinvent the wheel every year just cause people want to buy something that looks different each time.

The camera alone might be reason enough for me to buy this phone (assuming it is like a iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S type camera upgrade), but a slightly larger screen is essential for my next phone.

I hate the galaxy note, but the One X is tempting

Good grief! You iSycophants make me vomit.

Apple design is timeless.

Really? So where are the Apple ][ family, original Macintosh, original iMac, Mac cube, and Newton now?

in MoMA and the Design Museum.

haha, great comeback.

macintosh http //www.moma.org/collection/object.php?object_id=3742

imac http //www.moma.org/collection/object.php?object_id=82133

cube http //www.moma.org/collection/object.php?object_id=82134

Newton http //www.moma.org/collection/object.php?object_id=142227

What a comedian… Comedy gold, I tell ya… Oh… Really… Wow…

Okay, I guess you really walked into that one.

So how many PC manufacturers can actually claim that the PCs they’ve sold have been works of art? Apple may not have the biggest market share but when it comes to industrial design, they know how to make devices that not only looks good out of the box but will age well.

On a 100 million more desks than those macs in the museum. Oh.

So on the one hand we have Apple making high art that most people may never own? On the other hand we have Apple making high art that hundreds of millions of people will own?

Sounds fine to me.

Gifted out my Apple ][, But I still have the working, Macintosh 512k Model E, Plus 1 Mb, Classic 1Mb, G3 Bubble iMac DVSE, Newton 2100, Powerbook 1400 and the Mac mini G4 1.25 I’m using right now. I still miss the SE that took a dive of the back of a truck on the highway though, that one was my favorite. I really should put some of it up on Ebay, but they are my precious.

The SE and SE 30 were nice. I still love remember those machines fondly.


Why can’t this be the design for the new iPod touch?

I think the current iPod is far thinner than this already. I don’t think apple would make something that is already slim and sexy thicker. They will change the design to mimic the iphone as far as using the same screens (size and pixel density).

Well, the ipad 3 is thicker than the ipad 2. Maybe new functionalities will justify the increase. What about the camera position, and headphones at the bottom, both similar to the iPod?

I agree it’s a little boring but at the same time we know from Apple’s track record they often do big design leaps at the same time they transition to new materials. So if they’re not ready to make the jump to Liquid Metal or some other new materials it would make sense they will just refine the existing glass/aluminum design. I’m sure Apple believes this is the best design possible for the materials they are currently using.

Appears like it might be liquid metal on the back. They would likely test a smaller portion of the phone ( like just the back panel) to make sure it isn’t problematic before using it structurally.

I would hope it was liquid metal on the back and it would make sense because the entire bottom of this was revealed to be a unibody construction unlike the 4/4s that has just a glass plate back, but also with no lift from the antenna band which makes it thinner. The entire bottom and side antenna system is one unibody piece with two glass plates on the back makes me wonder why they would have glass still tho if it was liquid metal and with the antenna still being the radios why they even need the glass still is an even more interesting question as well.

Dark metal for the black one. And light metal for the white.

I love the dark metal. I still feel that the design should be changed up a little more.

Yes. I’ve had a while iPhone 3GS, then a black iP4, and two white iPads. so I was thinking of getting the next iPhone in white.. but the dark metal is totally sexy. (if this is the new iPhone… even if it’s not the dark metal is still awesome) so I might get it in black…. If they had red, I’d totally be on it. haha

As for the design.. yeah.. I dunno…

It could look good if the back panel could cover the whole back side. Now it looks like a home made, unfinished back panel.

I agree…maybe it IS unfinished atm??

I’d really like it to look totally drool inducing.

If this is what I get, then so be it, I need a new iPhone anyway…

If this is actually the new iPhone, the black one is much better looking than the white, IMO. Although there’s been so many leaks, I think they might be intentional and it will be totally different. Time will tell.

I still feel that the design should be changed up a little more.

Agreed. The from-to-back symmetry of the iPhone 4(S) is one of the most pleasing parts of the design. I like the metal finish of the “iPhone 5”, but the glass sticking out the front looks wrong.

My iPhone 4 isn’t symmetric.

Because I have to use a case. lol

Yeah. Still wish it was as dark as those 3D renders we saw earlier. That’s my only gripe with this. I’d upgrade to this from my iPhone 4 in a heartbeat.

Also holding out on new features on iOS6. I’m still using iOS4 so it’d still feel like a big upgrade even if it’s just like iOS5 lol.

I agree but it does look better to me than the iPhone 4

Real metal at that. Not that faux metal plastic looking monstrosity.

To many, faux metal is preferable as plastics make for a much better design given their resilience and transparency to radio waves.

I agree that the iPhone 4 and 4S look and feel solid, but what is the practical benefit of the design? It weighs more than most of the new 4.5″+ phones, and the rigidity of the metal and glass make it literally the most fragile phone on the market.

The iPhone feels very solid, but shatters if you ever drop it (which many people do, because it’s smooth, slippery, and not very ergonomic). Samsung phones feel cheap, but they can survive a few drops because plastic is more resilient, and less weight means less force hitting the ground.

but shatters if you ever drop it

No more than any other phone.

Actually, the larger phones, due to their size, are far more prone to shattering.

I know it isn’t definitive or scientific proof but there are many youtube video’s that proof differently.

The fact is that even if the front screen is as crack resistant as the front screens of other phones, you still have an even greater chance of cracking the back glass which is made of far less sturdy material.

But the back glass costs only $30 to replace at any Apple store even out-of-warranty. We own two of them and have never had to take advantage of that. The problem I have with any phone is we have yet to see a scratch resistant material that lives up to its promise. I’m hoping Gorilla Glass 2 is better. Every plastic phone I have owned is not durable to scratches. Every aluminum-backed device (iPod Touch) scratches up and the iPhone 4/4S with its glass back eventually gets micro-scratches on the surface.

I have a DODOcase BOOKback on the back of my iPhone 4S right now and I’m wishing I had gotten it on day one since I’m not a fan of cases and even less fond of scratches. Anyway, I worry more about scratches than shatters since scratching is far more common with any phone.

My Galaxy Nexus which has that “cheap plastic” has been dropped many many times and you can’t tell at all.

It’s 4.65″.

I never said anything about the plastic.

But, by virtue of simple physics (not youtube search science), a 4.8″ glass screen will always shatter more easily than a 3.5″ one.

Given that all other variables are equal. However, most other phones don’t have the glass sticking out in front of the phone. With hardened glass a tiny hit from the side with something hard, like the pavement, will shatter the entire thing. Most phones have either plastic or aluminum to protect against that kind of damage. The iPhone has glass sticking out on both sides. And it is heavier than most other phones. I’m afraid that while in theory you are correct, the other big differences mean that the iPhone glass is still more vulnerable.

iPhone = Mercedes

Galaxy phones = Toyota

When impacted (or in an accident), the Galaxy/Toyota combo will save the most important parts (screen and the driver). Mercedes and iPhone do not save the important parts when impacted.

Your analogy wrong on so many levels.


Thanks, I was looking all over for a verb.

Hey – how could I make an pixel style avatar like yours?

Try post-its

http //www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=post+it+note+8+bit&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8#hl=en&client=safari&rls=en&sclient=psy-ab&q=post-it+note+8-bit&oq=post-it+note+8-bit&gs_l=serp.12..0i30j0i22.40055.53283.0.54713.…0.0…1c.eLl_aIr5xi8&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=9aad8ba49e1f6fd3&biw=1338&bih=624

AKA http //google.com/search?q=post+it+note+8+bit

Ooh thanks, I’ve got to remember that!

This is so fucking….

your analogy is so…mother…of…God… wrong…

seriously what are you?

The most important part is the iPhone’s hard aluminum frame. It transfers all of the energy straight into the glass. A plastic casing (the Galaxy Nexus has a metal frame inside) flexes and absorbs much of the energy. You can bet that if the iPhone had a plastic case it would do better.

Hell, my GN has been dropped a few times. You can definitely tell. But, instead of the front glass breaking, an actual chip has come out of it. It’s anecdotal, but I when I had my iPhone, it would have broken without a case no doubt. It’s not just a problem with regards to size, I think it boils down to the fact that the iPhone just has no flex or give to it on any axis and is surrounded in glass, including the outside edge and corners.

I don’t know why but when I read that I pictured an integrated circuit falling out of it somehow.

So did I.. for the first few seconds.

Why did I have to read your comment before that made sense to me?

I’ve shattered my iPhone 4s twice now. Once it only fell a couple of feet. I think your analysis is accurate.

Sure, if you are dropping the screen. By itself. This is not the case though, you are dropping the entire phone and the cracking of the screen depends on all the physical properties of the entire phone.

http //www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbL7ciKmT7g

For every iPhone that falls off of a car and is largely unscathed, there is an SIII that gets demolished from the same car.

And vice versa. blah blah blah

I don’t even know why people, like you, who have no interest in the iPhone because it’s made by Apple, care about how fragile it is to begin with.

They are both smartphones, they are both fragile. It really depends on how you care for your phone. There is no good evidence for either argument here. But specifically your assertion that the screen size matters above all else is idiotic. It depends way more on the construction of the entire phone.

My interest in the iPhone has nothing to do with the company that made it. Your unyielding defense of it, however, might.

Interesting video, but even as an iPhone owner and Apple enthusiast I would like to see them repeat those tests with 30+ of each phone and start plotting data. What I got out of that is that any smartphone dropped that lands the wrong way could incur some serious damage. It’s part of the reason I think these debates are silly. For every miracle survival story their is a short-drop shattering story. If you want an indestructible smartphone you either need to buy a case that is built to be indestructible or a phone designed for military use.

What I got out of that is that any smartphone dropped that lands the wrong way could incur some serious damage.

That was pretty much the point. No one has really spent the time and money necessary to get any real evidence on this type of thing. And why would they? When the typical device life is 1-2 years, there isn’t a lot of value in spending tens of thousands of dollars to destroy hardware when you have to do it every few months when new devices come out.

I don’t get why people are dissing plastic so much. Glass is heavy, unnecessary & fragile. Plastic feels the same, lighter & more durable. It’s all personal preference I suppose, personally I like the feel of a plastic phone like the Nexus S II.

What is Nexus S II?

You will find out in a few months

To coincide with the Release of Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie.

Plastic feels the same

No it doesn’t.

I have yet to see any tests that prove you’re right. The iPhone gets destroyed in much lesser impacts than the plastic opponents. Did you just pull that comment out of your ass?

My two shattered 4s iPhones say different. I have been using mobile computers since the original ipaq from compaq. The ONLY device I ever had a screen shatter on was the iPhone.

Except that both sides are glass so you have more of a chance to shatter one of the two sides.

There are a LOT of people walking around with shattered iPhones. Its pretty well accepted that its more fragile than other phones.

Working at an Optus store for the last 12 months I have to say that I see more broken iPhones then anything else, but that’d have to do more with market penetration. Although I have always felt the way the iphone has its glass right to the edge without any plastic or other material really buffering it(the thin ribbon of plastic that there is does nothing it a drop) it would be more susceptible to breaking if dropped on those angles.

but shatters if you ever drop it

I don’t agree with that. When I had an iPhone 4 (Samsung GS3 now), I NEVER dropped my naked iPhone due to “smooth, slippery, and not very ergonomic.” My iPhone 4 was suicidal. It just jumps off a table when I was not looking or fell off my bed while I was asleep but it NEVER broke/ cracked. My wood floor on the other hand had lots of dents from the iPhone 4 hitting it.

The dents on the floor reveal that the energy from the impact was transfered to the wood. If you had a harder type of pavement, the glass on the phone might have cracked.

but shatters if you ever drop it

There’s a reason why quite literally no other manufacturer followed suit of the glass back design of the iPhone 4/4S. It’s stupid and poor design, forsaking durability and common sense for the sake of aesthetics. Phones shouldn’t require a case just to survive everyday use/some mishaps.


And yet all phones do require a case to avoid damage with daily mishaps unless they are military-grade smartphones. Anybody believing their beautiful glass screen or glass or plastic back is indestructible is fooling themselves. I’ve dropped iPhones that have survived falls I would have thought impossible (landing on asphalt and concrete). It doesn’t mean it’s indestructible. It means I got lucky. Plastic and glass break. If you want indestructible you need to get a case like an otter box. Everybody’s anecdotal stories just prove some folks have been very unlucky and some have been very lucky. My friend’ GS II survived falling off the top of her car on the freeway and yet Squaretrade’s iPhone Vs. GS III video shows the GS II’s successor shattering at 10 miles per hour falling off a car. If folks want to justify their smartphone purchase, durability is probably not the best argument to make. Every example anybody can give will have a counter example.

smooth, slippery, and not very ergonomic

I really don’t buy that argument at all. Glass is no more slippery than plastic is. No one complains that their water glass is just too damn slippery that they keep dropping before it reaches their mouth.

Yes, there are accidents, and glass doesn’t hold up to accidents as well as plastic, but it being made of glass does not increase the chances of said accidents.

I find the phone to be amazing to hold. I don’t have a case and love the weight and feel of the glass. I flip my phone around in my hand. I twirl it by using the home button as a pivot point and I’ve never dropped it from mishandling. The flat edges help make the device really easy to hold. I have solid flat surface to grip as apposed to the curved ones, which might not feel as comfy or “natural,” but certainly makes my hold of it feel more secure. I feel so confident that I have no problem skateboarding with my phone in hand, recording video or using maps. I know it’s personal preference but I find it so damn good I can’t even fathom how people argue otherwise. Most of the accidents my friends have are because they were drunk… which is maybe why plastic red solo cups are the drinking container of choice at parties as apposed to glass… and why they all have cases on their phones now.

Accidents do happen. I have forgotten it was on my lap and stood up, knocked it off my bed, knocked it off my nightstand, and had a few other mishaps and it has survived without a crack. I know others who have been less fortunate so I won’t argue that it’s more sturdy than plastic, but it sure is nicer to hold than any other device I’ve ever owned.

If anything, the aluminum back is going to be way more slippery.

I love the iphone 4 design so much. I really have my doubts about this new design.

FINALLY. Someone said it.

Completely concur your opinion. 4 series have great aesthetic and tactile feel to it, but the back glass added very little to the functionality if you think about the fragility (2 surfaces that can shatter) and weight (it needs to be thick to mitigate shattering).

In a way, the 2-tone back extends the design of the original iPhone – I loved the aluminum back of the device (although it was slippery). If the design is true, I think the message here is that Apple is being honest with its roots rather than giving it a radical departure. I really hated the 3 and 3S case design with plastic back, and regarded it as a step back from the original iPhone design.

Let Samsung and other “Jony” come lately keep the plastic back.

Plastic may feel cheap, but it doesn’t get destroyed in a horrific manner if you drop it.

I agree. I still think it still is the best constructed phone on market.

Glass doesn’t feels cheap? It’s stupid and cheap.

Wait, you want plastic? Really?

Yeah if Apple offered one plastic and one shatter prone glass one, I’d take the lighter and more durable plastic every day.

http //www.androidauthority.com/samsung-galaxy-s3-vs-iphone-4s-drop-test-92152/

You’re comparing ONE plastic phone. Try the Galaxy Nexus.

Try the Galaxy Nexus.

Why? The point of my post isn’t about the durability of the various Android phones, but the durability of the iPhone 4/4s. And the video shows that it’s quite durable, more so than the plasticky G3, which is the most recently popular Android phone out there.

I’d take the lighter and more durable plastic every day.

Youtube tests prove nothing more that different people drop different phones differently.

But if you go by Youtube, then the 2011 Galaxy S2 is more durable than both the iPhone and GS3.

http //www.youtube.com/watch?v=elKxgsrJFhw

It’s an Android Authority test.

But if you go by Youtube, then the 2011 Galaxy S2 is more durable than both the iPhone and GS3.

Watched it all the way through. Even to the Square Trade warranty advertisement at the end. And as the description says.

So on the one hand we have AA, not known for being Apple fans, and their test which shows the iPhone being as durable as a plastic phone. On the other hand we have an advertisement for Square Trade, who advertise for iPhone warranties. But none of this is important.

Because let’s get something clear. Your link means nothing to any point I am making. My point was not that the iPhone most durable phone out there. That title probably belongs to dumbphones and Blackberries.

My point is that the iPhone is a durable or more so than various Android smartphones made out of plastic.

Yeah if Apple offered one plastic and one shatter prone glass one, I’d take the lighter and more durable plastic every day.

That’s why I replied to this post, which suggests that because a phone is made out of plastic it is more durable than one made out of glass. That’s why I posted the AA link showing that line of reasoning was bull.

It doesn’t matter to the point I made if the S2 is more durable than the iPhone. It does matter that the GS3 and other smartphones are not.

Because you can’t simply make a generalizing statement like plastic phones are more durable than the iPhone without it being a complete and utter non-truth. Some plastic phones are indeed more durable than the iPhone. And some are less durable.

Clear enough now?

You attack the source of the video that disproves your statement, but then “it’s not relevant anyway”

The Galaxy S2 is more durable than both the S3 and the iPhone is the point that has been consistently made, and everyone but you is okay with that.

So tell me again how you’re not reeking of desperation with diatribes like this?

You attack the source of the video that disproves your statement, but then “it’s not relevant anyway”


The Galaxy S2 is more durable than both the S3 and the iPhone is the point that has been consistently made, and everyone but you is okay with that.

Where am I not OK with that? The S2 does seem to be more durable than the iPhone. But that doesn’t mean plastic phones are more durable than glass phones.

Let me refresh your memory of this specific thread.

Yeah if Apple offered one plastic and one shatter prone glass one, I’d take the lighter and more durable plastic every day.

This post implies that plastic phones are more durable than glass phones.

So I posted a link and only a link. That link showed a plastic phone not being as durable as an glass iPhone 4s, which was the point of the link. The point wasn’t that there were no plastic phones more durable than the iPhone.

Then Fozee came in about me only comparing one Android phone and that I should compare the Galaxy Nexus instead. In other words, Fozee missed the point of my link which wasn’t whether or not the iPhone was the most durable phone out there or which Android phone was more durable, but that it was about a new and modern touchscreen smartphone with a plastic case receiving more damage before the glass iPhone.

Admittedly, I should’ve said that while posting the link. Sometimes the things I find obvious aren’t so obvious to others.

Then you, Weibran, came in along with the same line of thought as Foxee, that there were Android phones more durable than the iPhone 4s. Once again, that wasn’t my point.

My point as it has been throughout this entire thread is simply this.

Just because the iPhone 4/4s uses a glass body doesn’t make it less durable than any plastic smartphone, even if it is less durable than some plastic smartphones.

He did not mention GS3, the other guy mentioned GS3 with the words “similar to”. Doesn’t mean that Apple can’t make a lighter version with high durability plastics, they chose not to.

You do know that the “cheap feel” is all in our heads not actually real, do you?

PS The GS3 breaks exactly in the same place where most iPhone’s break – the same Corning Gorilla glass.

He did not mention GS3

one plastic and one shatter prone glass one, I’d take the lighter and more durable plastic every day.

Scuba said that a theoretical plastic iPhone would be more durable than a glass iPhone. Probably because he just assumed that plastic phones are more durable than glass phones. I posted a link showing a glass iPhone being more durable than a plastic Android phone (the brand name doesn’t matter).

In other words, Scuba was wrong.

Whether or not it was a GS3, One X, etc, doesn’t matter. It was a plastic phone and it was less durable than the iPhone in that one situation. Which means you can’t go around making absolute statements that plastic phones are always more durable than glass phones. Yes, that’s not what Scuba said exactly, but they implied it.

The iPhone shatters more in that video. The touchscreen not working after the drop on the SGS3 could be more of a fluke, like a loose connector or something. Either way both phones are busted at the end of things.

It’s not a fluke, it’s the Super Amoled tech. With Super Amoled panels the touch digitizer is fused to the glass and the display is coated on top of that so if the screen cracks enough the digitizer will break.

ing to me? Gets confusing after the threads reach a certain length. If not, ignore this.

The S3’s screen is cracked on the second and third drop (third being when it comes apart). The iPhone 4s’ screen is cracked on the third drop. The iPhone is also usable at the end of the three drops, while the S3 is dead.

Either way both phones are busted at the end of things.

Indeed. Which means those whining about the iPhone being made out of glass are being ridiculous.

There’s not a single one of modern touchscreen phones that won’t break after an unlucky drop. So the key to not breaking your phone isn’t the manufacturer using plastic, but the user not dropping the phone in the first place. At least for now.

As for now, I rather have a glass phone and being careful to not drop it as opposed to having a plastic phone and being careful to not drop it.

iPhone may not be the most fragile modern smartphone in the world. But it is certainly one of the most fragile ones. I don’t know about S3 but tests show that iPhone is much more fragile than Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S.

Almost every iPhone user I know broke their phone at least once and bought another iPhone.

I’m not claiming that the reason is because it’s glass. But it is absolutely delusional to claim that iPhone is as durable as the average modern smartphone.

See the iPhone 4s vs Galaxy S2 drop test.

S2 is an average modern smartphone in terms of durability. Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus are even more durable than Galaxy S2. You may like your iPhone, but you have to agree that durability is not one of the things Apple got right (or cared about).

Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus are even more durable than Galaxy S2.


http //www.gizmoslip.com/2012/02/18/samsung-galaxy-nexus-drop-test/

Maybe this is part of Apple’s strategy. They get to sell iPhones per customer. /jk

The only data that I would trust on this is 3rd party insurance company (outside of whoever has a relationship with the carrier). If the premiums are higher for the iP4s than their competitors, then we know more break (assuming the same replacement cost per device).

I don’t think they are intentionally trying to making it more fragile than it would be. Durability is probably not a priority for them. They want their products to have unique and beautiful designs if necessary, at the expense of durability).

Although everyone talks about “durability,” referring to catastrophic failures when the phone is dropped, durability actually has two aspects. One is resilliance to impacts, but the other is resistance to everyday wear.

Something I have observed is that the glass iPhone is actually very durable against the everyday abrasions that happen when you put the phone down on tables, put it in your pocket with keys, or in the center console of your car. Have you ever seen a plastic phone after a few years? Whether it is a Nokia or a 3GS, the plastic surfaces wear out to a dull dirty finish with a haze of scratches. Even the iPhone 1 with its aluminum casing gets horribly abraded over the years, although it is very tough against drops.

This slow decline into decay is exactly what glass is durable against. It is the same reason that MacBooks went to glass trackpads. Have you ever used a worn Mylar/plastic trackpad? It sticks to your finger since the surface has worn away and leaves it shiny and grippy. The glass ones amazingly show no wear at all after years of daily use.

I suspect there was a decision to make this trade off between the two categories of durability.

iPhone may not be the most fragile modern smartphone in the world.

Which is all that matters to my point.

But it is certainly one of the most fragile ones.

Doesn’t matter. There are new plastic modern smartphones more fragile than the iPhone 4/4s.

I don’t know about S3 but tests show that iPhone is much more fragile than Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S.

The Galaxy S3 are the latest versions and are being sold. The Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S are previous versions that are not being sold, I think.

Almost every iPhone user I know broke their phone at least once and bought another iPhone.

And loads more people sell unbroken iPhone 4/4s’s on Craigslist with pic evidence. So it seems your acquaintances are the exception.

Uninformed as well… In drop test the iPhone 4S is way MORE DURABLE then the GS III ! By the way the iPhone is unbelievable scratch resistant!

over double-sided breakable glass? Absolutely.

it’s a high mileage mobile device, not an exhibit in the MOMA.

After seeing the torture iPhones can take without a scratch, “breakable” is not a word I would use. Yes there are stories of broken glass, what they don’t say is just how much shit it went through to break in the first place.

Disagree completely. The glass on the iPhone is fragile, and I know a lot of people who babied their iPhone, dropped it once, and it shattered. The only way an iPhone can survive a fall is if it’s in a big, disgusting case.

Conversely, I’ve dropped my iPhone 4 on rocks, concrete, hardwood floors, pavement, etc, and all that’s happened is that it’s got 2 tiny marks on it. I don’t know how people manage to break theirs, but mine has withstood a number of falls to very hard surfaces with only a couple marks to show for it.

I’ve dropped my iPhone 4 on rocks, concrete, hardwood floors, pavement, etc,

Please don’t.

It may be tough, but you should take better care…

It has been known to fall out of my pocket while running if my hand accidentally snags the earphone cord. Accidents do happen, especially if you own a phone for 2.5 years.

I got my iPhone 4 and then a week later when I was on a hike it fell out of my pocket when I was sitting on a big rock. It fell about six inches and the screen shattered.

nice story.

And I know people who’ve broken in a baseball glove with better care than their iPhones. I’ve watched my girlfriend drop her’s while sprinting in a parking lot, went skittering 50 m across the asphalt, without a scratch.


Total BS though. You have any idea how much momentum it would take to keep a phone skittering for over 50 years over asphalt?

50 years of skittering would take A LOT of momentum. You’re totally correct.

It could if it fell out of a Delorean.

Or this would have to be some frictionless asphalt.

Where did years Coe from?

I tried to type “yards”. Add an ‘e’ here, drop an ‘s’ there, and it’s “years”. Skittering for 50 years would be some mad skillz though.

regardless, he said 50 meters


F**** YEAH!


I’ve dropped it dozens of times and never broke. The only time it did break is when I fell over with it in my hand. In that case it was shattered, but it also hit the corner of a rock. It’s very durable.

“dozens of times” – and again the BS alarm goes off.

I dropped my iPhone 4 just one time, and it instantly shattered into hundreds of pieces.

Is that what you wanted to hear?

It all depends on how it falls dude. The phone is not great at absorbing an impact. You can choose to believe me and probably a lot of other guys or you can scream bullshit.

So you’ve dropped it dozens of times with out breaking it then it only breaks when you fall down with it IN YOUR HAND AND IN A CASE. Okay guy.

Wrong type of “case”. He meant “in that example” or “in that situation”.

In his hand, it probably has more force do to the weight of his body behind it – add to this that the phone can’t bounce either, meaning all of the force of the impact goes into the structure of the phone. Physics.


I’ve dropped mine many times onto concrete and barely scratched it. No case.

The only iPhones I shattered where the plastic 3G and 3GS

I’ve dropped my iphone, uncased tons of times.

This stupid “OMG it’s so fragile” thing is generally tossed about by people who don’t even own an iPhone.

We need Transparent Aluminum already. Where’s Mr. Scott when you need him?

“Hello Computer”

I mean, I wouldn’t mind an aluminum or stainless steel back, especially if it’s this gunmetal finish like the band on this “leak’.

But I also love the glass of the current 4/4s design, and am not worried about it being fragile.

Just look at this thread, theres examples of people who have shattered them on one drop and haven’t on dozens of drops.

I personally don’t know how people drop phones so often- ive had my latest one for 9 months and just dropped it onto a hard surface for the first time last week.

The glass on the iPhone is fragile, and I know a lot of people who babied their iPhone, dropped it once, and it shattered.

The salient narrative strikes again!

More people get hit crossing at the crosswalk than jaywalking. Therefore, jaywalking is safer. More people die when using a seatbelt than when not using a seatbelt, therefore using a seatbelt is more dangerous.

I would agree that Apple has prioritized scratch-resistance over shatter-resistance, but anecdotes about knowing people with shattered iPhone screens that don’t take into account the sheer number of iPhones in existence are specious.

Mine was dropped by my kids several times just today and didn’t even have a scratch. Dropped in the mall from 3-4 feet height onto concrete and tile flooring. I’m not seeing high fragility in the device. The previous iOS device I had never had a screen break as well, and the thing that did the most damage was stuff in my pocket scratching against the screen.

http //www.androidauthority.com/samsung-galaxy-s3-vs-iphone-4s-drop-test-92152/

Again, you’re specifically picking out the S3. Try some of the many other phones.

The S3 breaks more easily because the case is put together very tightly, making it a phone you can submerge without any water damage.

Try some of the many other phones.

Why? The point of my post isn’t about the durability of the various Android phones, but the durability of the iPhone 4/4s. And the video shows that it’s quite durable, more so than the plasticky G3, which is the most recently popular Android phone out there.

The very good durability of the iPhone 4/4s does not change according to which Android phone is more or less durable.

The S3 breaks more easily because the case is put together very tightly, making it a phone you can submerge without any water damage.

Don’t care. Has nothing to do with my point. Though if so then that suggests that Samsung put the possibility of a phone being dropped in water higher than the possibility of a phone being dropped on a hard surface. But yea, still don’t care.

In drop tests, the iPhone 4/4S is universally known for how badly it performs.

http //www.androidauthority.com/samsung-galaxy-s3-vs-iphone-4s-drop-test-92152/

Wow, you don’t even look at things before you throw your link up.


Three drops for each phone. The iPhone gets cracked on the third drop. The GS3 gets cracked on the second and third drop. The iPhone is still usable afterwards. The Galaxy is dead afterwards.

Watch it better.

Okay, so iPhone 4S and Galaxy S3 are the two most fragile modern smartphones. I won’t buy either of them. I want a durable phone.


You’re comparing a SINGLE ANDROID PHONE with the iPhone 4. You’ve handpicked one of the very few plastic phones which will break somewhat as badly as the iPhone.

The iPhone is not usable, it’s broken. You’re not going to use a phone with a shattered screen, it must be replaced.

Again, if you’d compare to the many other major plastic phones like the Galaxy S2 or the Galaxy Nexus, you’d see that they don’t break nearly as easily.

You’re comparing a SINGLE ANDROID PHONE with the iPhone 4.

I’m comparing the REAL WORLD FLAGSHIP ANDROID PHONE as of July 30, 2012. Are you saying I should be using the Meizu MX or another phone with little marketshare? Or a phone that’s no longer being sold?

You’ve handpicked one of the very few plastic phones which will break somewhat as badly as the iPhone.

Not somewhat as badly. Worser than the iPhone. It becomes unusable and the screen cracks faster.

Again, if you’d compare to the many other major plastic phones like the Galaxy S2 or the Galaxy Nexus, you’d see that they don’t break nearly as easily.

The S2 is no longer being sold (at least in the US). The GN sales aren’t great and nowhere representative of mainstream Android phones.

Here’s another link for you! )

http //www.redmondpie.com/smartphone-drop-test-htc-one-x-vs-iphone-4s-vs-galaxy-s-iii-video/

You’re comparing a SINGLE ANDROID PHONE with the iPhone 4. You’ve handpicked one of the very few plastic phones which will break somewhat as badly as the iPhone.

Ok, here’s one more link with the One X.

http //phandroid.com/2012/04/19/htc-one-x-drop-test-this-ones-painful-to-watch-video/

As durable as the iPhone 4s that one is.

Or are not the two best Android phones out right now not good enough for you?

You know what, here are some more links.

http //www.gizmoslip.com/2012/02/18/samsung-galaxy-nexus-drop-test/

http //accessandroid.com/droid-daily/droid-razr-vs-iphone-4s-drop-test/

Or maybe you just want me to cherrypick the S2? Sorry, that’s not going to happen. The S2 is the exception, not the rule, and unlike the S3, One X, and Droid Razr Maxx, it is no longer sold in the US to my knowledge.

The iPhone is not usable, it’s broken. You’re not going to use a phone with a shattered screen, it must be replaced.

By usable I meant that it still works, obviously.

Yet there is a video from a year ago comparing SGS2 and iPhone4, and the results were opposite. Go figure!

Here’s my link. Show me yours.

http //www.androidauthority.com/samsung-galaxy-s3-vs-iphone-4s-drop-test-92152/

Spamming doesn’t help your case.

http //www.youtube.com/watch?v=elKxgsrJFhw

Okay, so iPhone 4S and Galaxy S3 are the two most fragile modern smartphones. I won’t buy either of them. I want a durable phone.

Good for you! I recommend the Lumia.

And you probably shouldn’t buy the One X, Droid Razr Maxx, or Galaxy Nexus either. )

He gave you the link. Go watch it.

Galaxy S2 is an average modern smartphone in terms of durability. This is how iPhone 4S performs against an average modern smartphone. It breaks. The average smartphone doesn’t break. Got it? Clear now? Will you stop posting the videos of the only phone that is as fragile as iPhone 4S? Yes there are phones out there as fragile as iPhone. We know. We never claimed iPhone is the most fragile phone. We just claimed it is fragile.

He gave you the link. Go watch it.

Already did elsewhere in this thread. To jalexoid and another Webran61 post. Ctrl+F is your friend.

Galaxy S2 is an average modern smartphone in terms of durability.

The Galaxy S3 is the actual phone that’s being sold today. It is the real world flagship for Android.

We just claimed it is fragile.

Not as fragile as Android’s present flagship though.

Galaxy S2 is an average modern smartphone in terms of durability.

As said, the Galaxy S2 is a last last gen phone no longer being sold. Here are some more average modern smartphones though.

http //phandroid.com/2012/04/19/htc-one-x-drop-test-this-ones-painful-to-watch-video/

http //www.gizmoslip.com/2012/02/18/samsung-galaxy-nexus-drop-test/

http //accessandroid.com/droid-daily/droid-razr-vs-iphone-4s-drop-test/

If anything, these just show how amazing the iPhone 4s is. It’s no more breakable than the One X, GN, or Droid Razr Maxx and it is the only one made out of a glass case! That’s mind blowing when you think about it. The thing should explode into shards the first time it’s dropped each and every time.

And yet… it doesn’t.

As I said somewhere else in this thread, you can either have a modern smartphone made out of glass casing and simply be careful not to drop it or you can have a modern smartphone made out of plastic casing and simply be careful not to drop it.

and that makes this phone the most durable in the world, it will just bounce on concrete

http //www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGt3bAG1kZk

The Lumia is indeed durable. Doesn’t matter.

it’s not scratches which are the problem, it’s shattering from dropping to the floor. it happens, there’s a new western profession fixing up them.

the current design is horrible to us unless you got it in a casing, which kind of defeats the design in the first place.

plastic can be very practical and have a good feel to it too. and it’s just practical.

it would be nice if they did a cheap design, that was plastic and didn’t need a cover, one that you could place on tables etc without worrying about if there’s dirt on the table that either your phone is going to get damage if applied pressure or the table..

Obviously it’s just my opinion, but I have NEVER felt a plastic phone that was as nice to the touch as a metal or glass phone. Even the high-end Lumias and HTC One X and S, while very nicely made, feel cheap compared to the iPhone 4.

Ok. Not everyone tries to buy a phone that FEELS as expensive as possible. That’s just not an objective for most. I know that my phone is well worth the $700 and its housing is plastic.

If I was going for something as expensive as possible, I’d buy some gold and diamond encrusted Virtu monstrosity. However, if I compared the iPhone 4S to other phones in its price class, there is definitely more of a feeling of substance and quality in the iPhone.

Breakable is also not a word to use when discussing a device’s susceptibility to scratching.

Yeah, the iPhone 4 (and 4s) was deemed to be the most fragile phone on the market to date.

But that’s not really true…

Not the 4 or 4s. I’ve shattered two on their first drop… Both times in a speck shell case. I take stupid good care of these things.

I still love the phone, but I don’t have any delusions about its durability.

just one drop… search “galaxy s2 vs iph 4s drop test” on youtube.

my uncle dropped his new 4S the 1st.. broke and shattered.. and it was end of story

http //www.androidauthority.com/samsung-galaxy-s3-vs-iphone-4s-drop-test-92152/

Yes! Especially something similar to Lumia 900’s ore HTC One X’s one piece solid polycarbonate construction. That would be awesome!

Aluminum, A-La Xperia P. Glass sucks

Nothing wrong with plastic. Apple obviously agrees since they still sell the plastic backed iPhone 3GS. I still think the ivory white era of Macs produced some of the most wonderful designs. The key is just to design the devices to match the materials you are using. A lot of companies use plastic in a very dishonest way — trying to make it look like metal or applying some awful textures to it. Solid perfectly molded plastic is quite beautiful in its own way.

I was hoping they would just make a plastic or aluminum one, similar to the Galaxy S II or III.

Aren’t the biggest complain about Samsung phones it that they in general feel cheap? I doubt Apple will ever go that route.

Also if the rumor is true, this IS aluminum. It might look similar but the backplate has been completely redone.

Those “cheap” complaints are generally by Apple fans. In actual fitness for purpose — if you care about robustness and durability rather than the illusion of the same — Samsung tends to make much better built phones.

The build of Apple devices are to some degree the Corinthian leather of the tech world — everyone oohing and ahhing about how remarkable it is, only in reality it isn’t.

As an owner of Galaxy S I agree Samsung is well built and does fit&finish better than HTC. However I’d like to see some sense of high quality craftmenship on my device and Apple does that really well. Samsung’s phones just feel cheap.

If it’s fitness for purpose, my $50 Nokia does it even better than my (then $500 off contract) Samsung.

Actually fitness for purpose, a handful of coins for the tollphone are even better.

Hah but in all seriousness, if I have a $500-600+ phone, I want something more than just a “fit for purpose” device. If that was really that important, water and shockproof phones are available for far cheaper and they certainly are far better than Galaxy for purpose.

And before someone says something about Apple fan, I own the friggin’ Galaxy S and also a Windows 7 Phone (LG Optimus) that I’d consider built much better than Galaxy.

I can’t even count the number of shattered iPhones I have seen. Glass is a terrible material for the back.

Exactly, im now on my third iphone back. On the up side replacements are dirt cheap

The other upside is that they “wear” much better than metal or plastic as long as you don’t drop it. But I agree Apple went too far to make the whole thing a glass sandwich. It sure does look pretty though and I’ll miss the design when it’s gone.

Everyone says it’s a “premium” design but in reality almost everyone just slaps a case on it because it’s going to break on the first drop. So you wind up with plastic either way.

And we have a winner

In the troll stakes?

Truth? =/= Trolling?

How is disliking glass trolling? lol

Yep so true. i dont think ive seen anyone around me using an iPhone without a case.

And I’ve seen tons of people around New York city that have no case. I have a case on mine, so I tend to notice when people don’t.

Most of my friends have iPhones, only one didn’t have a case and that might have been because it was a 3GS.

I must be among the minority then.. I hate bulking up phones with additional case slapped on them… I’ve always used my phones without cases, but put on the protector film.

I’ve dropped my iPhone 4 at least a dozen times over the last 18 months, and have been lucky enough to have it without any scratches or breaks….. I for one beg to defer on the stereotype about iPhone (4 and 4s) breaking on first fall.

Don’t count me as an iSheep.. I am a technology addict in general and own both an iPhone 4 and a Samsung galaxy S2 along with a HP Touchpad, and love them all.

Everyone slaps a case on it so they can differentiate it from the other ones on a table when out with their friends. That, and ironically to show individuality because all their friends have the same phone

Cases for iPhone can often be really good looking a fun, which is why I have one.

Aside from looking good it offers good protection too.

Except that isn’t true. Most people don’t slap a case on it

Most people do use cases. Go to any college campus… nobody uses it naked.

I have a counter-experience. They do tend to vary.

I have one, my wife has one. I probably know 40-50 people who own 4 or 4s. I can only think of 2 that have cases.

Same when I when people using them out and about

I’ve been rollong with a naked iphone 4 from the day i got it and that was two years ago. I live on the edge but you have to be prepared to accept the smashed consequences.

because it’s going to break on the first drop

http //www.androidauthority.com/samsung-galaxy-s3-vs-iphone-4s-drop-test-92152/

And most people uses cases for their phones, regardless.

The Droidsheep mentally here is astounding.

You’ve posted that link like 10 times, in which the iPhone is the one that sustains more cosmetic damage.

Also, with your username you have no business calling anyone a fanboy/sheep/troll

Bumper case…

Not really I use to use an aluminum case bumper on my 4

Agreed. Part of the reason I ignored the great feel of the evo eg lte over the plastic gs iii. with a case, your not really feeling the phone anyway. I guess by this logic though, you may as well get the “prettiest” material regardless of durability if your going to slap on a case anyway.

The iPhone is pretty robust as these test by SquareTrade shows http //www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbL7ciKmT7g

Replacing a shattered iPhone back is also cheap.

The real expensive repair in any smartphone is when the the screen cracks. All screens are glass so the body being made of plastic doesn’t help at all.

Now if you crack the screen (or smash the whole phone), Apple will give you a new 4S for only $199 or older iPhones for $149. How much does Samsung charge for the same repair?

For less than $20 per year, you can add a rider to your homeowner or renter’s insurance to replace your phone (with no deductible) if you smash it, whether it’s an iPhone or a Samsung. To answer your question, though, it’s about $130 to replace the screen on a GNex.

No deductible depends on your insurance, just means your paying more on the premium itself.

Also if you claim on your home insurance for this you lose your no claims bonus and pay more next year.

Funny you mention the Galaxy Nexus, that’s exactly the one my friend broke back in April. Cost him about $230 to fix in the UK.

Actually it tends to be 130 of your local currency to replace anything on the GN. I don’t believe that they even charge more than that.

Samsung wanted £176.65 to repair my broken GN. I told them to forget it and ended up selling it on ebay for about £200. So sorry but that’s rubbish.

Funny thing is that squaretrade reported that the iPhone 4/4S was the most fragile phone on the market and that 90% of iPhone 4 damage was accidental.

http //www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2010/11/report-iphone-4-is-most-fragile-smartphone/

So 10% of the time it was on purpose?

Yeah, that’s pretty funny.

Manufacturer defect

You’re kidding me right? That’s a difference of 1.6% with Motorola and HTC and 2.6% with ‘Other Smartphones’.

So your link where one phone’s screen shatters and the other’s touchscreen breaks is PROOF THAT THE IPHONE IS GREAT.

But his link where other smartphones beat the iPhone by a moderate percentage is crap?

Problem is that report doesn’t say how fragile the phones are, it just says how many % of claims were from each phone.

Wired’s interpretation of it is just misleading and naive.

Maybe iPhone users insure their phones with SquareTrade more than other brands? There’s nothing in that report that shows that’s not the case.

Maybe iPhone users insure their phones with SquareTrade more than other brands?

And that could well be. Go here and compare the number of Apple devices you see to the number of Android devices on the front page. It seems they have more Apple customers than Android.

http //www.squaretrade.com/

So your link where one phone’s screen shatters and the other’s touchscreen breaks is PROOF THAT THE IPHONE IS GREAT.

No, it’s proof that 1, the iPhone is more durable than some plastic phones, and 2, that just because the iPhone is glass doesn’t mean it’ll shatter as soon as it hits a hard surface. Some anecdotal evidence would be that I’ve dropped an iPhone 4 twice on rocks and concrete (admittedly from a 3-4 ft height or so) and it never received any visible scratch.

But his link where other smartphones beat the iPhone by a moderate percentage is crap?

This may simply be my opinion, but that’s not a moderate percentage. It’s a small difference in the percentage. I would consider the differences between the Blackberry and other phones except the 3GS to be a moderate percentage.

As said, there’s not much real world difference between 13.8% and 12.2%. Now if the iPhone 4 numbers were 15% or more, then Draiko would’ve had a point.

I do actually have a point.

http //mashable.com/2010/10/13/iphone-4-glass/

Read the article before you post it in defense of yourself next time, OK?

SquareTrade states that the iPhone 4 is breaking 82% more than the iPhone 3GS, but this is the sort of sleight of hand statement crafted to grab headlines.

Here’s the real world translation In its sample groups of about 20,000 iPhone owners, SquareTrade actually found that 3.9% of iPhone 4s suffered broken glass in the first four months, in contrast to 2.1% with the iPhone 3GS. Sounds a lot less dramatic doesn’t it?

Apple Holic‘s Jonny Evans took the math even further to point out that the survey only accounted for 771 broken iPhone 4s (out of 20,000), compared to 427 broken iPhone 3GS screens. Indeed there is an increase, but there is also a doubling of breakable surfaces, so don’t get too alarmed, this is a largely hyperbolic report.

That said, you should still avoid dropping your iPhone 4. Hyperbole aside, dropping gadgets tends to, you know, break them.

Good advice. Whether it’s the latest new plastic Android phone or an iPhone.

The Lumia seems quite resistant to breaking though…

Yeah that’s what people say about Blackberries too…

Even before I got an iPhone, Samsung phones were the worst feeling of the bunch. The U600 slider phone was just awful and creaky.

Maybe people who care about things not feeling cheap just naturally become Apple fans because they really make solid products.

I can see a lot of former Sony lovers going to Apple.

Sony used to be the best tech designers before Apple. I guess Sony was so awesome that Apple was “inspired” by them. Good for them. Copy the best. Samsung took it a bit far but not a bad idea.

The Sony that inspired Apple was 30 years ago – they are not the same company today, nor did Apple copy them.

I miss the old Sony. -(

I have a beautiful old (broken) Walkman in my draw at work, I pull it out sometimes just to look at and admire it.

I always wanted the one with the cassette that stuck out when in use, but I can’t seem to find any examples of it online…

While I was looking, I thought, wouldn’t it be great if someone made a smartphone inspired by that Bright yellow, waterproof walkman!

if you care about robustness and durability rather than the illusion of the same — Samsung tends to make much better built phones.

Oh really?

http //www.androidauthority.com/samsung-galaxy-s3-vs-iphone-4s-drop-test-92152/

Actually the results are all over the place. See these 2

http //youtu.be/elKxgsrJFhw

http //youtu.be/PbL7ciKmT7g

Actually the results are all over the place.

Not all over the place. The S2 is more durable than the S3 and iPhone 4s. And the iPhone 4s, as in the AA video, seems to be more durable than the S3.

Which means that the quote I replied to about Samsung making much better built phones is still wrong.

Samsung’s quality varies. The durability of modern plastic touchscreen phones varies.

That’s my point.

Samsung makes a lot of phones. All but one of them are more durable than the iPhone.


The “cheap” complaints are by fans of taste.

There’s a reason these complaints are usually aimed at Samsung; most other Android manufacturers understand that the world of plastics offer more material choices than “value”.

In response to all

iPhone 4S 4.9 ounces (140 grams)

Galaxy S II 130 g (4.6 oz) (standard)

Galaxy S II 116 g (4.1 oz) (Sprint)

Samsung Galaxy S III 133 g (4.7 oz)

The underlying question is do you want your phone to be lighter (and therefore more practical) or heavier (and arguably look better, debatable point).

Personally I would prefer a lighter plastic or aluminum backing, the less weight I have to carry with me the better.

Who knows maybe I’m wrong and this is some kind of metal that IS lighter we don’t know yet, and this whole thing may be a hoax. I stand by my request for a lighter iPhone I don’t care what it’s made of.

When the different is 0.2oz, I really don’t care.

yeah, the argument for plastic fell kinda flat with those numbers.

Until you take the 2 devices into your hand and notice the actual difference. The size of the device makes all the difference.

weight is being discussed. not size.

Actually, based on the context we are debating over density. Therefore size does matter.

That small difference in weight is a huge deal, when you consider how much larger the Galaxy S III is than the iPhone; it’s like 50% larger and weighs measurably less.

IKR I had the 116 g S2 recently, and found it far lighter than the iPhone 4S at 140g, that’s a substantial difference in weight.

We will see how much a larger screen iPhone weighs, I’m betting more than the S3.

And you can calculate with a metal back panel.

Didn’t the galaxy S3 just come out? Wouldn’t it be more fair to compare to the new one when it comes out?

We’ll compare when it comes out, until then there is nothing else to compare it to. Unless you want to compare GSG3 with “new iPad”

That small difference in weight is a huge deal, when you consider how much larger the Galaxy S III is than the iPhone; it’s like 50% larger and weighs measurably less.

OK, the GS 3 is bigger and weighs less. It’s a technical difference, but how is that a huge deal?

Honest q S3’ll have 4.1 soon, what does iOS 6 do that it doesn’t?

Not a lot, at this point they all ‘do’ the same things, it’s just a question of what features are more important for you to be at the forefront.

At the OS level, iOS has a lot more built in features than Android. http //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_operating_system#Mobile_OS_comparison

Also, its more polished, as in smoother, consistent, etc.

iOS also has more apps, better quality apps and iOS-first or iOS-exclusive Apps. Apple also ships a lot of top quality first party apps like iMovie, Garageband, etc.

That might be the crappiest feature comparison I have seen in 30+ years of experience in the computer biz.

So I take that reality hurts?

yeah seriously… when you said FEATURES… I thought you meant stuff like Siri vs. Google Now… Google Maps vs. Apple Maps… etc.

Dumb comparison. Not even practical.

The OP asked what iOS can do that Android doesn’t. The list shows quite a few things.

Ha-ha… http //www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMiY1kSTHZw

Flexibility != more features

iOs is great, if you have the other parts of Apple’s full ecosystem (iPhone, iPad and a Mac). These devices are working great together. But as soon as you have a stand alone iPhone, Android beats it everywhere.

– Android is smooth (thanks to 4.1)

– Android has tons of apps too

– there are Android exclusive apps (TegraZone etc.)

– do you really edit video on a 3,5″ screen? Come on!

Android is great if you live in a Google ecosystem http //www.the .com/2012/7/26/3192081/so-let-me-get-this-straight

Otherwise, iOS is better.

– Android is smooth (thanks to 4.1)

But still not as smooth as iOS as per comments from Nexus 7 users in Android forums

– Android has tons of apps too

But not as many as in the App Store

– there are Android exclusive apps (TegraZone etc.)

TegraZone is exclusive because it’s just a collection of optimized games for the nvidia chip. All iOS games are already optimized for iOS so it doesn’t require “an exclusive” like that. That’s like saying the Roots are exclusive to Android.

– do you really edit video on a 3,5″ screen? Come on!

Not only does it work well for a 3.5″, it also works on a 9.7″ screen

But still not as smooth as iOS as per comments from Nexus 7 users in Android forums

It’s not. Comparing the three mobile OS’es, iOS has smoothness issues(granted the homescreen swipes are marvelously smooth), but the only one that fundamentally does not is – WP7.

– there are Android exclusive apps (TegraZone etc.)

That’s not Android exclusive, that’s Tegra exclusive. Which is kind of worse. It’s only exclusive to a subset of Android devices.

– do you really edit video on a 3,5″ screen? Come on!

I’d rather edit a quick video on a 3.5″ screen, which happens pretty infrequently, than try to carry around a laughably huge 4.8″ one all the time.

laughably huge? 5.3 is huge. Under 5 inches is good for any average sized male.

4.8 inches is just right for me and I probably have average size MALE hands. I can barely palm a basketball. So, I am guessing there are tons of people who wouldn’t find 4.8 inches and up “laughably” huge.

Honestly the Galaxy s3 is way faster then the iphone. Having used both and owned neither, I can say the iphone just has longer animations. The iphone has more apps argument is not a huge deal on the phone front as it is not like android has no apps.Plus apps can do way more on android, allowing you to give your phone extra features. And personally I think iphone apps look dated when compared to good holo apps ( it is sad there are so few)

Plus apps can do way more on android

This tired crap again?

I have ran into exactly 0 apps that can actually “do more” on Android. The way to do those things will vary, and the steps will be different, but functionally speaking, iOS is not lacking in capability.

As for Holo, that’s purely subjective. Personally, Holo and Metro both look like futurist interfaces dreamed up in the 90s.

and iOS looks like interfaces designed for children with lots of colours and big child friendly buttons.


Yeah, you gave up on actually having a discussion and went straight to “it’s made for kids” nonsense.

Kudos to you.

What are you going to do for your next trick? I await on the edge of my seat for more idiotic bullshit.

the iOS does have a pretty boring interface. If you think otherwise you’re just in denial. Besides its not you did a better job explaining yourself either.

just to add, its was not boring. Its been 5 years and it has GOT boring.

Ha, if someone doesn’t think something is “boring” (a subjective quality), they are “in denial”.

Pretty rich there.

the iOS does have a pretty boring interface. If you think otherwise you’re just in denial.

Alright, since I am apparently unable to have my own opinion on this matter, I now agree with you that iOS is boring.

So tell me- why does my phone’s OS need to be exciting? What if my “boring” OS lets me do what I need?

I am an Android lover, fanboy, whatever you wanna call it, and you’re more correct than the last guy. I’ve owned both, and can honestly say that, if anything, there are alot of iPhone apps that can do more than their counterparts on android can. But, being completely honest, this whole comment section sucks today! This is all ridiculous!!! I dont wanna sound corny, but cant we all just get along? I love discussing technology, but I’m so tired of people thinking their subjective opinions hold more weight than the next persons. I feel like its quickly turning into engadget around here.

Really? There us nothing in the app store like tasker or locale. There are significant limitations in the apple backgrounding processes and apps like these are just the tip of the iceberg. You likely haven’t used an android phone for any length of time. Coming from an iPhone to Android was terribly refreshing and you won’t find many people who actually made the change complaining.

zero apps that can do more?

1. Any third party browser can, by default, do way more on Android than iOS because of iOS restrictions.

2. File management. Dropbox can do more on my Android phone because i can pull a PDF into adobe reader to sign and then it synchs back to dropbox without me having to “share” it out and “share” it back.

I don’t think one OS is objectivly better than the other, but there are some easily quantifiable things that each does better, and app freedom is one of those things for Android, indisputably.

Any third party browser can, by default, do way more on Android than iOS because of iOS restrictions.

The apps are equally matched in terms of functionality, you just cannot set one as a default browser (without jailbreaking)

Dropbox can do more on my Android phone because i can pull a PDF into adobe reader to sign and then it synchs back to dropbox without me having to “share” it out and “share” it back.

This can be done on iOS as well, the steps are just different. Due to the sandbox nature of the filesystem, iOS is a “push” rather than a pull type of system. I can open dropbox, select a file, and choose “open in” and choose acrobat, sign it, and send it back to dropbox. It’s simply a different process, but the end result is exactly the same.

This is certainly an area where Apple could make things a bit easier, but it’s not as limited as many Android users make it out to be. It’s just different.

Chrome is forced to be a wrapper for Safari instead of its own browser. That is a limitation of functionality.

Yes, in Android you don’t HAVE to send it back to dropbox, because dropbox and Adobe are using the same FILE. Makes a lot more sense.

This tired crap again?


I have ran into exactly 0 apps that can actually “do more” on Android

Turn your volume down when you’re in a meeting that is scheduled in your calendar?(Tasker)

Pop-up after a meeting to ask if you need to add a ToDo after a meeting?(Any.DO)


Any of these ring a bell?

Turn your volume down when you’re in a meeting that is scheduled in your calendar?(Tasker)

Launch Center Pro

Or, in iOS 6, Do Not Disturb

Pop-up after a meeting to ask if you need to add a ToDo after a meeting?(Any.DO)

iOS Reminders, built in. And better yet, it can do it based not only on times, but also based on when you leave or arrive at any gps location.


IFTTT + Pushover

Like mightymoose said, the average male can hold it. I am 15 and I can easily hold Galaxy Note. Some might prefer a smaller screen, but 3.5 isn’t the perfect size. I think almost any person can hold a 4-4.3 inch screen, and I think that is mostly agreed on tech forums.

The Android app ecosystem is still really bad in my opinion. I was trying to find just a basic SSH client the other day and I had to try 3 different apps and none of them worked correctly on my phone. That type of BS is repeated so often on Android. I just can’t stand it personally. Way too many mediocre half-assed Android applications. Few apps have adopted the new Holo style for ICS so besides just being crappy apps they also look crappy too. There are definitely some good Android apps out there but I feel like overall iOS apps are just much better. Another example — I currently have 3 different reddit clients on my Android phone because each one sucks less at certain things. If I could magically combine them into one app I’d still end up with something much lesser than AlienBlue on iOS.

That’s a great WIKIPEDIA chart, in which it states that Android can’t read memory cards and iOS can (with dongle). Also it docks android for features being available as Apps and not baked into the OS. Also, if you count up the things that aren’t “yes” for both, they come out pretty even. Its really down to personal preference, because both OSes tick all the major boxes. From there, one has more apps, one has more customization potential.

Also, “better quality” “polished” “smoother” are all opinion words.

Well, even Google had the correct opinion about “smoother”

Look better, work better, better apps and a working Eco system )

Plastic instead? I definitely do not agree.

I prefer aluminum (older iPhone had aluminum back) but I prefer high quality plastic with a removable battery cover if that prevents my phone from shattering. Drop tests always show Galaxy phones surviving simple (common) drops because the battery cover will come off and absorb the hit rather than the screen itself.

Oh god you have got to be kidding me right?

Leave the cheap light feeling plastic (not even polycarbonate) phones to Samsung please.

Good thing that the SGS3 is polycarbonate then 😉

Aside from that the majority of their phones are their own cheap feeling plastic.

It’s polycarbonate? dang. I did not know that.

Just did some research for graduate level course on polycarbonate, glass and plexiglass and bullet impact. Interesting results.

There are many forms and uses of polycarbonate

SGS3 is a polycarbonate casting with a resin outer colour layer applied to the cast. This is the same process used on motorcycle helmets and you may think that is good for the SGS’s robustness but only up to a point. A helmet relies on its domed shape for a lot of its impact resistance. It also relies on shattering to absorb high impacts. The SGS3 also has a magnesium/aluminium ally chassis to prevent flexing. The polycarbonate would snap in your pocket otherwise. I have seen several display SGS3’s with chip missing out of them

The Nokia 800/900 are machined extruded polycarbonate and have consistent colour throughout out along with relatively high resistance to bending and impact. A much better design for a phone but nowhere near as cheap to make

OK, so maybe it’s not the form of polycarbonate I was thinking of. Thanks!

Samsung can make pretty premium phones too. See Samsung Wave III. It looks gorgeous! Sadly, it runs Bada. =/

Yeah… too bad they’re running Bada like you said.

I was hoping they would just make a plastic or aluminum one, similar to the Galaxy S II or III.

Jesuschrist no.

You do realize the first iPhone had a dual aluminum & plastic back, the second was all plastic back, and the 3rd was also a plastic back. Those first 3 iPhones catapulted the iPhone into superstardom so I think your comment is a little contradictory considering Apple have used these materials not only in the past but in the original.

It’s only the 4 and 4S that strayed from the plastic and went to Glass.

Hopefully the back of the next iPhone returns to the 2nd and 3rd generation plastic backing, to reduce weight.

The original iPhone was great, I loved that design. The 3G/3Gs model was terrible though, IMO.

Care to elaborate?

I just hated the glossy plastic curved design after the great design of the original iPhone.

4/4s > original iPhone > 3G/3Gs

i kinda liked the 3GS better than 4 because of the circular design. I dont like rectangles and sharp edges.

Actually I just realized there is a picture of the new back included in this post.

http //www.the .com/2012/7/29/3200086/ilab-factory-iphone-5-pictures#3605870

It appears they are now using some kind of metalic back instead of glass.

I can live with that, anything but glass!

That’s why I emphasized the “similar to the Galaxy S II or III” part. What I don’t want is an iPhone with the design of the Galaxy S III. I don’t care if it’s plastic if it’s well designed.

I would take an iPhone with Jellybean…that would complete my phone dream!

but ..iPhone does not comply with ICS design guidelines lol

Neither does the One X. P

I wish I could get this with Android.

why would you want a plastic or aluminum phone. those always look like shit and feel cheap.

Just like your comments here on this site.

Aluminum could be nice if done right. Plastic will always be garbage though.

I was hoping they would just make a plastic or aluminum one, similar to the Galaxy S II or III.

I will remember your name so I can disregard anything you say in the future on the grounds of you being out of your mind.

I don’t have to remember your name, because upon seeing it I always immediately know to disregard anything you say.

Your loss.

Let me go ahead and point out MIUI to you as it will be making its way to the GSIII.

This is pretty much iOS running on Android. In fact as an owner of a Galaxy Nexus and a 4s, I can tell you that Apple should REALLY be taking a look at some of the stuff the boys at MIUI are doing. There are so many good ideas for iOS in the Android Rom that its incredible. http //en.miui.com/

MiUI is an abomination. It’s really terrible.

Why did you buy if you don’t like is design?

Apple will never make a plastic iPhone. The GSIII is no aluminum, this is.

I don’t understand.

You are asking for an inferior design and build quality in an iPhone?

As long as the internals keep making generational leaps forward and continue expanding their lead over the competition, that is the most important thing.

Why in hell would you want an amazing phone with a severely simple and limited mobile OS ie iOS 6 when there is the much more intuitive and user friendly windows phone and the much more functional Android operating system available?

Answer me that!

I’m curious, what is it you find advantageous about iOS 6? It seems to me that ICS and Jelly Bean are starting to make iOS look rather dull and tired.

I have a Galaxy S II and it’s design/build/plastickyness is beyond revolting. You do NOT want that.

Good design doesn’t have to change. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

One odd thing this is a completely new design when you think about. They are using a different display size, a new structure and even new material. That’s pretty much more than any other phone update.

I agree, if the screen is bigger, then they would need to redesign the entire phone around that, and so why would they redesign the phone based on the former old design when they could take the opportunity to refresh & update?

Something fishy with this.

Could be they just really think the 4/S design is the best they’ve got. Another possibility is the pictured device is actually one of two new devices. What if this is actually the new low-end model replacing the 4/S models? They haven’t done this with the iPhone before but it kind of makes sense. They can move to the new dock connector, new screen size, and get 4G into all their devices in one swoop here. I don’t think Apple wants to be selling the 30-pin based 4S while also pushing this new 19-pin connector. This may be a weird year where we actually see two new iPhone models. (also carriers really want 4G — they may have just told Apple they will stop carrying 3G-only devices at some point in the near future. Apple is big and powerful but they still need the carriers)

more then another previous iPhone update maybe… but not phones in general.

GSII ? GSIII and all HTC ? One series… both huge design changes.

If you have to think about it, it’s not completely new. Different, maybe. But all they had to do is change one thing to make it different.

How innovative.

Do you even understand what “innovation” means?

Changing a design drastically isn’t “innovative”, if there is no problem to the design, there is no need to change it. Apple is refining their designs, making it thinner, changing the screen size, moving the jack to the bottom of the phone, a new dock connection. You might think these subtle changes doesn’t mean much, but they do. Even if you move the volume rocker down half an inch, the user experience is already different.

iPad 3 is not thinner.

Was I talking about iPad 3?


you were talking about Apple making their designs thinner. iPad 3 is not thinner than iPad 2. Simple.

Okay, lets take a step back. Apple’s intention wasn’t to make the iPad 3 thicker, they had to because of the battery being a bit thicker, until Apple/technology figures out how to make a thinner battery with the same power, the next iPad will be back to the “thin” body or even thinner. Making the new iPad is not something they could avoided due to battery tech limitations.

If you haven’t realized, the iPhone 5, the new MBP will/are all thinner than their predecessors.

You, are an idiot.

iPhone 5 isnt out yet so hold your horses. I don’t care about any tech limitations, that their job, according to most apple fanboys, if its not thinner and lighter its equivalent to crap. By the way, you clearly need to grow up.

Do you realize how much money Apple has put into battery technology? If advancements can’t be made right at this moment, then it can’t be done. That’s like saying, why didn’t the 1900 have broadband, because technology isn’t ready back then, it’s pretty simple. I for one don’t really care if it’s thinner or lighter, I actually prefer phones to have a bit of weight to it.

I apologize for my idiot remark.

thats where I draw the line, Apple and fanboys always talk about the thinness in there product, as if that somehow affected performance on a device, as if making it thinner and lighter now made it faster and had more processing power.

I hate that.

more so when those fanboys dismiss the Nexus 7 just because it is thicker. Ignoring the fact that its lighter and a good looking plastic. Not to mention 40% of the cost.

No worse than talking up the specs of a device even when it performs poorly in the real world compared to lesser spec devices 😉

lesser spec?

Mind you the iPhone 4 was put up to compete with the SG2, and all those, the iPhone 4S was also bumped but was still meant to compete to the SG2, the current gen the HTC One S and the SG3 outclass the iPhone anyway you want to put it, they are way way way better phones, the downside to these phones is that instead of HTC and Samsung giving these phones PROPER software support they leave them in the dark, unlike Apple

Now if where talking about the fact that the Nexus is older than the 4S, SG3 and HTC One X and S, but somehow still manages to perform on par with these said devices because it has been given proper attention to both in Hardware and software, then yeah I whole agree with you

I didn’t mention any specific device.

All I said was that “fanboys” promoting how thin a device is (with your implication that it’s a useless “feature”) isn’t any worse than “fanboys” a device based on specs, when said device actually performs more poorly than a device with lesser hardware specs.

The iPad 3 has the highest resolution display of any tablet on the market so I think they were willing to accept a little extra thickness & weight. There’s no set rules here. They do this stuff on a case-by-case basis. It’s kind of stupid to nitpick it like someone can come up with a simple 2 step process that explains how a $100 billion company designs their products.

Resolution is useless when it does not add functionality or screen real estate to work with! Especially when the only things that benefit from the “retina” display are the UI and a couple of apps.

in a way that is true, but if you have a great design you can improve on it that design. just like car manufactures do

Never really liked the 4/4S design in the first place. This seems to take a couple steps back from that design as well. Shiny/polished bezel, two-tone back both pretty blah to me.

it could change with an even better design..

Good design my ass!

I think you mean it’s magical and revolutionary. The best iPhone we’ve ever made.

I don’t think he does mean that at all.

Almost every iPhone has looked pretty similar. I don’t know what people were expecting. They always come out with crazy off the wall mock ups of the next iPhone, and then when the new one is really shown it looks pretty much like the old one.

Wrong. They look the same from the front, because they all have the same size screen, but would be impossible to confuse an iPhone 2G with an iPhone 3G, or either of those with an iPhone 4.

New aspect ratio is gonna be a bitch for developers

No, not really. Almost all apps (not games) should work with no code changes or updates.

Exactly. This is how it works on Android.

No, this isn’t how it works on Android at all.

Hence, developers have a hard time designing apps for Android, because there’s so many different screen sizes…

Hate to break it to you, but no, we don’t find it difficult.

There was an article I think was on , they interviewed a designer/dev about designing for Android, it could even have been for Instagram, that they couldn’t design to the same standard as the iOS app, because it just doesn’t look the same on every Android device, with spacing etc. But then again, what do I know about Android and I don’t work for Instagram.

https //plus.google.com/109726284197282147930/posts/5McKooqNnnd

I think the issue is when a team/developer has been designing for iOS with very rigid sizing, its difficult to adapt. If you’re using a design which is only designed for one screen, then you’re obviously going to run into problems on others. All it requires is better forethought and planning.

There also seem to be some companies (Instagram is a great example) who I think associate their entire brand with the iOS design so try to emulate the design as closely as possible, which doesn’t work out.

But it’s not even about trying to emulate the iOS designs over to Android, it’s that Android has a set of rules that designers/devs have to follow when they make their app, which is why Android apps are never as nice or as intuitively laid out.

Eh? Android has only guidelines on design, iOS has rules (e.g. bottom-aligned tabs, top left back button). The main problems with Android are apps which use custom patterns sufficiently similar to the standard patterns to expect certain functionality, but then don’t actually fulfil the expected response. E.g. a menu button is expected to be in the top right of an Action Bar, but Facebook’s custom implementation doesn’t do this. It’d be like an iOS app having the back button in the top right corner – completely unexpected.

No, do you realize how much “harder” it is for Android to add curvature to a square button compared to iOS?

Who cares? It doesn’t matter if you can add curvature to a button, that’s a purely superficial change. It’s one line of code in Android, and I’m sure it’s just as easy in iOS. Why are you measuring difficulty of developing for these platforms by how well they can curve a button?

because he just wants to drive to the ground that Android is inferior to iOS, no matter what.

even though its not true…

I’m not an Android user, but I’ve read enough Android users disliking the fact that Android gets inferior apps/designs compared to iOS. I’m not driving anything to the ground, Android users seem to do that just fine.

You can design a UI to adjust well to different screen sizes if you’re a decent designer.

Google+’s UI is a good example.

Curious. How many devices and OS versions do you have to support. I work on Android and iOS and Android is easier to develop on in some instance but MUCH harder to get consistent behavior across all Android devices. At some point you just start restricting to particular devices rather than “test the world”.

I laugh at you. Yeah, it resizes. Too bad so many apps look shitty on Tablets because all they do is get larger. They don’t take advantage of the screen size.

There’s nothing you can really do about that.

You aren’t going to download a HD app for your phone if the screen isn’t HD cause of the amount of extra space required.

Some things just have to give.

Even apps need to be redone for the new macbook retina displays cause the icon, sprites or anything graphical have to be redone for that resolution.

I’m saying that when it comes to apps, the iOS ecosystem wins hands down to the optimizations for the so few devices that Apple has on sale.

Does that not happen with iPhone apps on an iPad though?

This applies to most apps.

For Android you download a phone app that stretches all the UI elements to fit whatever screen size. Not optimized.

For iOS you download a phone app that stretches all the UI elements to fit the iPad. However developers also have an optimized version that takes full advantage of the screen size.

I don’t see how they’re different

Android phone app is stretched to any tablet size

Android tablet app is obviously optimised

iPhone app is stretched to iPad size

iPad tablet app is obviously optimised

The only issue being there are more iPad-optimised than Android tablet optimised apps.

Eh? Is this a new thing? I thought iPhone apps don’t scale to fit the iPad screen and you have to design two completely separate layouts.

No, iPhone apps do scale for the iPad. With one click in Xcode you can make your iPhone app an iPad app using the same UI.

Most iOS app these days have all the resized icons and logos at the ready.

iOS/App detects the device and it’s screen size/res and it calls upon the correct icons/graphics/images, which is why most iOS apps are Universal. There’s no need to have 2 different apps, unless it’s specifically made for the Retina iPad because of power etc.

Nah. iOS apps are easy to scale vertically. It’s been part of iOS since day one. Scaling iOS apps horizontally would be a lot more tricky until developers adopt auto-layout. Developers won’t support auto-layout until they have a good reason to besides the advantages it offers for internationalization. This taller screen on the new iPhone is going to push a lot of developers to adopt auto-layout just because they will know they cannot rely on static screen sizes anymore going forward. In any event adding auto-layout support or even customizing your UI for different screen sizes is a lot easier than, ya know, writing an iOS app. If you can sit down and write anything more complex than Hello Word localizing for different screen sizes or auto-layout is nothing to worry about.

I thought Apple patented the 4 3 rectangle with curved corners. Will the patents still apply to a 16 9 rectangle with curved corners?

Gotta agree. IF this is real, extremely boring. Like they designed the iPhone 4 & said we’re done here folks, we’ll just use this for the next few years.

Johny seems to have run out of ideas.

Sorry, but what? Just going off of Apple’s closest competitor, Samsung, if you look at the screen appearance an general shape of most recent high-end Samsung products, they’re all remarkably similar. Yes, they may have that ugly as sin blue plastic on the new SIII and the Note is a bigger size class, but they all have similar curves and camera appearances, not to mention all feeling like cheaper plastic than some of their other plastic competition (Lumias, HTC Ones).

Let’s hope not. Samsung will be screwed.

And these guys

http //samsungcopiesapple.tumblr.com

Do I have to bring this up again? HP Envy’s design didn’t come from MBP. In fact MBP’s color scheme was lifted from HP

FYI, this laptop was released in 2006 – 2 full years before MBPs that you think looks so similar.

Apple first started making aluminum MacBooks long before 2006.

Unless you’re just talking about black keyboard, that was on the Titanium PowerBook as early as 2001.

Please see below. And please stop playing dumb – it’s not doing any favors for Apple fans.

Playing dumb?

The Titanium PowerBook was released in 2001, and had a silver body with a black keyboard…That’s exactly what you’re talking about.

Also, that HP one you posted up there had a glossy black top and a matte black bottom, the two computers simply aren’t close besides the fact that they both have silver parts and some black parts. I’m not quite sure what it is you’re trying to say. That Apple copied HP? LOL.

No. I’m bringing up old HP to point out how ridiculous these arguments are. There are more similarities between DV2000 from 2006 to current Envy lineup than to pre-2008 MBPs to post-2008 MBPs.

So for individuals like yourself to claim that HP copied Apple doesn’t hold any water whatsoever. (I don’t know if you ever did, but speaking hypothetically)

I never said HP copied Apple.

But the similarities between current Windows laptops and current MBPs is far closer than anything 5-7 years ago.

I’m not saying that to say that HP copied Apple, but it’s pretty clear that Apple, with the current MBP/MBA design has hugely influenced other laptop OEMs

Apple was hugely influenced from Sony.

every time I see this, I just think that somehow when

Apple says “We where inspired by Sony” is suddenly OK

but if Samsung ever used “we Where inspired by Apple”

Suddenly its a Lawsuit and Samsung Designers lack imagination.

Samsung aped Apple, pretty shamelessly, in many ways.

Not “inspired by” a few things here and there.

right…have you seen the recent photos?

That’s fine – because I agree that Apple’s industrial design and their dedication to polish and presentation had huge influence on PC industry. (in a good way)

color scheme? You mean Aluminum? Not silver painted plastic.

It’s not a color scheme, it’s the natural color of the material.

You’re thinking of a “color”

Color scheme refers to collection of colors that form a design language.

The Titanium PowerBook was silver/black in 2001

You’re intentionally playing dumb to win your argument.

It’s not simply black & white. It’s the black keyboard, silver body, and glossy black bezel. These 3 factors create what people commonly think of MBPs (or HP, for those who’s been alive long enough to see that MBPs weren’t the first – just the first to popularize it)

The HP you posted also had a glossy black lid, and a matte black bottom. Nothing like a Macbook.

By that argument, HP didn’t copy anyone at all, because current Envy laptops also have black lid and it’s “nothing like a Macbook”

No one in this little subthread has actually said HP copied Apple. The implication is that Ive’s designs have pretty heavily influenced other designs, and that he has, practically single handedly, created an aesthetic that is being replicated across the market. That’s not really a stance you can argue against. At least not objectively.

UnbiasedFanboy96 did imply that HP copies Apple – which was what I was responding to. Maybe he was trying to say that all modern laptops look like a derivation of Powerbook 500 – because that’s hard to argue with.

HP laptops have been using these colour schemes for quite some time, i just pulled an old HP laptop from the cupboard @ work (Collecting dust P) and it still resembles/has similarities to the current top range (such as Envy) laptops.

I cant say if they copied apple of not, it is possible that Apples influence helped refine the envy line, but there is definitely a HP laptop feel/look to it, unlike say Samsung who’s devices radically changed fast to somethings greatly different.

iPhone 4GS.

May well be

I doubt it. But hey, who knows…

Exactly. If this is true then it’s not an iPhone 5 it’s just an iteration in the same verson.

Every iPhone Apple released/releases after 2007 will be an iteration on the same thing. Same with all of their other products.

At this point I don’t think that the design of the iphone even matters. I’m done trying to understand the the reason iphones have such a strong appeal to some people. I remember when the 4s came out and I honestly thought that they wouldn’t sell because it looked exactly like the previous phone and to my amazement I saw people buy the 4s even though they bought the iphone 4 the year before!? Apple is a religion and the Tim Cook and his boys know it. I believe Tim Cook said that one of the main reasons he took the job was because people buy apple products no matter what ( something like that anyway.) Even if some fans feel a bit disappointed in the design or whatever they will still buy it.

The iPhone 4S was a completely new phone in almost every way EXCEPT the design.

For anyone wondering, http //www.geeky-gadgets.com/the-difference-between-the-iphone-4-and-iphone-4s/

Or maybe people buy phones for reasons other than a shiny new external design?

That’s funny you would say that because I own a Samsung GS3 and every time that someone says something negative about it starts and ends every time with how they don’t like the “external design”(witch I happen to like). So you’re saying that apple can use essentially the same design for 3 years and it doesn’t get a little stale or just a tad bit boring? Ok If you say so….. The post up top is about the design of the phone so that’s why my point was about the DESIGN of the phone and how them not changing it doesn’t bother the ifans. Every high end phones internals change from year to year, it’s a given, so what’s your point?

so you like the gs3 design. would you be bothered if it didnt change much? people also keep buying zippo lighters.

And lighters in general I mean a lighter’s design is the same. Unless you have one of those novelty lighters.

The iPhone 4S is a great counterargument to “Apple people just buy shiny new things” because it looked exactly the same. The truth is the INTERNALS were way upgraded and the antenna issues were fixed.

So, Apple pulled a “Snow Leopard” and focused less on aesthetics and improved performance and features.

Finally, the 4S wasn’t targeting 4 owners. Rather 3GS owners (whose contracts were up) and everyone else.

and could have bought the 4, in all honestly,

Apple pulled a “We can pull out anything that we want, and you’ll buy it”

they could have easily just waited til October, 2011 and launched the 4 as a premium device aimed at 3GS owners looking for the best thing and the 4S as a cheaper alternative and less spec’d brother and for those that were still riding on the 3G, they would have made just as much money as before, EVEN more, because everyone would have definitively been looking forward for the newer iPhones and even be happy to see that Apple would launch a “premium” optimized phone and one for the more “average” consumer.

But lets face it, No matter what, Apple could sell anything it wants and the masses would buy it, because its Apple its that simple, I’m not saying Apple is bad, I’m not saying they are good either…. I’m saying it like it is. Apple announces, and you buy it.

I think your assertions are unproven speculation. Let’s “just face” that.

Its not speculation its fact… a lot of people think something is better just because its expensive or more expensive than the competition.

I’d like a source on the fact that Apple can sell “whatever it wants” and the masses would buy it. That’s an extraordinary claim as you have worded it.

Here are a list of serious flops by Apple in the past 10 years to counter your extraordinary claim.

1st gen Apple TV

G4 Cube


iPod Photo (in fact, before the iPod went Windows and had the iTunes Music Store)

Final Cut Pro X (they’re ceding major ground to Adobe and Avid)

iPod Hi-Fi

Buttonless iPod Shuffle

The evidence seems to counter your claim that Apple could sell shit just by marketing it as gold. They’ve had flops.

how about the source that shows how many iPhone 4 and 4S have been sold?

how about the fact that they sell millions of the same product every year that they could have easily, just put the features in the previous design, I never stated that Apple made the BEST products or the PERFECT products cause they are far from that, but the fact that they have had so many flops yet everyone seems to ignore it is thanks to the fact that Apple has marketed there shit beyond the point of reality and people can just dismiss it as “OKAY try harder”

My case in point, the Antenna problem with the iPhone 4, they make a faulty hardware error and what do they do?

Instead of admiting the mistake and saying “look heres what we did, this is what where gonna do to fix it” they instead DARE tell there own consumers “oh nonono, YOU are holding it wrong” and then make many absurd accusations that OTHER devices can have the same signal strength drop if pressured hard enough…. yeah thats something to remember

Certainly made my 6’7 brother in law look ridiculous when he tried to squeeze the battery out of my G1 trying to justify that it too would have the same issues the iPhone had… oh but no the public is okay with that, lets see ANY other manufacturer have that same problem and get away with it like Apple did.

The iPhone 4 antennae has flaws, but it’s been blown way out of proportion. My 2 year old iPhone 4 is doing great, makes great calls and I don’t use a case.

The 4 and 4S sell well because they are great phones. Not perfect, but great.

The products I listed were lops that sold poorly.

Yes Apple’s marketing is great but they still have to have a great product or it doesnt sell.

I think it’s more likely you’re just a little out of touch with reality here. Most people don’t like radical changes. If they like their iPhone 4 and they have a contract upgrade option they want to buy a better version of the thing they like. It’s the 10% of nerds or whatever who find technology entertaining that want these major changes for their entertainment value mostly. Apple understands this and they design products for the 90% of normal people in the world who just want a good product.

correction, most people dont like radical changes to things like bills, emotions, things that actually affect there lives daily, however the aesthetics for accessories (phones, clothes, electronics) Yes everyone looks forward to change, everyone wants something that looks pretty, looks expensive and looks new. Every. Single. Time.

I think it’s a little sad that they’re running back to this well again. I don’t mind the iPhone 4 design at all, but this thing’s gonna be even weightier in the hand than the last two models, which were already heavier than they should’ve been.

what are you talking about?? I just want to make sweet sweet love to that backplate 😉

I disagree. After dumping my iPhone 3Gs for the Nexus One I’ve had nothing but Android phones until getting the iPhone 4S a couple of months ago (I still have my Galaxy Nexus as well). The overall design and look and feel is unmatched on any device on the market. The back of this device looks great with that gun metal gray. This looks like a nice phone and just enough of a change to make it new again. When the competition is releasing phones with primarily plastic parts (like Samsung) why mess with a good design? It’s taken over two and half years for the competition to catch up to Apple on their display technology and honestly I think it will take at least another year to catch up to their build quality, if they do catch up at all. The only ones close are HTC with their One series and Nokia with its Lumia. Nokia is really the only company that has made quality great looking hardware like Apple for years. With that being said I would like to see a redesign and I was hoping for some multitouch solutions so we can get rid of the button on the front, but I’m really excited about this device and if this ends up being the final shipping hardware I”ll be pretty happy.

I have a hard time believing what we have see is real, Apple would be performing a legal bloodbath on every company letting these images slip out. It seems like way too many sources are having too easy of a time getting their hands on these parts, and I just can’t believe that Apple, of all companies, would have such a leaky product development. I believe these have been strategic leaks, perhaps without the sources even realizing they are being played. I guess we’ll know in a couple months.

Its real. Probably a liquid metal back plate (which is just a gimmick metal alloy, but definitely an improving over the idiotic glass) and a larger screen. They will also tout the new connector as some sort of revolutionary improvement.

Just like people who sword the gizmodo leak was fake because the phone was ugly, all the same people who claim ‘apple would never do some ugly two tone’ will be clamouring in line to get one regardless. As boring as it is they will market it well and sell a bunch. Bodes well for android and wp8 though, lots of people are getting bored with iproducts and the same old bland UX. Might change a little when Apple introduces widgets but we will have to see.

Hopefully it will be rugged enough to not need a case. I can’t understand why people buy a sleek attractive device and then are almost required to put it in a fat ugly case because it is so fragile.

The bottom line is how your case will look..

They just don’t want to stray far from what has worked for them. Sure people love the iPhone 4 design but it is getting pretty old and stale. This is Apple resting on its laurels, and its starting to be a bit too long.

I disagree. I like the design. It’s not broken and doesn’t need to be fixed. Although I can’t say I’m fond of the polished / chrome edge.

well, considering that all the R&D fund and effort are spent on courts across the globe, i think this iPhone 5 or New iPhone is amazing. using this same design three years in a roll, basically they mastered their own competitor’s innovation claims.

Everyone is just gonna cover it up with an ugly case anyway.

IMO, That’s exactly why I say it’s real.

Probably is fake. This phone looks 16 9 and there is no way Apple is changing the aspect ratio.

And its still thick

Not liking that separation around the edges

I suspect, as usual it will look better in person.

Are they really gonna go three generations with that same design?

1st off is we dont know if this is the new iPhone. 2nd i hear all the time apple isnt innovating because all the iphones look the same. it has to look like a iPhone, just like a ferraris still has to look like a ferrari, porsche look like a porsche, that goes for everything. apple dont change things just for the sake of changing them. they can redesign the iPhone but it still needs to look like one

No it doesn’t. It needs the Apple logo, and that’s all it needs. People will still know it’s an iPhone.

It only needs iOS. How often do people look at the back of your phone, it’s either in my hand or on my desk.

Some people seem to think other people only ever buy Apple products because of the logo on the back.

For a ton of people, that is correct.

That’s just a fantasy.

no, its fact

Source? Facts have sources.

A lot of people assume that Apple is the best premium product out there (this is a matter of personal opinion and I am not going to and you are not going to either to explain if its true or not) , no research into what they are going to buy, they dont know if thats what they need or not, they just go in and assume thats it…

So yes they just assume that because it has a logo of a Apple with a bite taken out of it, that it works for them no matter what it is.

I’ve never came across a single person that said they chose an apple product because of the logo in the back

I’ve heard a lot of people say they bought the iPhone because the assume it’s the best. And by assume, I mean, they didn’t do research, they didn’t ask around, they just assumed. I those cases, it pretty much just is about the logo (brand).

Don’t take things too literally.

they don’t just pull the assumptions out of nowhere. they probably see everyone and their mothers using and enjoying iphones and want to have the same experience. Thats research enough for “normal people”

Is it? It completely disregards the persons own needs. And I seriously question if they went beyond Apple marketing material to make the decision. If you don’t look at alternatives, you haven’t done proper research. What you describe is the exact definition of iSheep. They follow. That’s not research at all.

Right, because anyone who looked past the Apple marketing would certainly never buy an Apple product, right? How could anyone possibly choose Apple if they objectively looked at Android, because Android is so awesomely perfect in every possible way.

This “It’s just marketing” mentality is more of a “sheep” thought than most everything else.

Where did I even imply that? Massive amounts of people buy Apple products because they are the right fit for them. I was just stating that there are also a lot of people who believe blindly that Apple is the best. It feels like you’re just trying to pick a fight. I wasn’t saying all people who choose the iPhone are sheep, I was saying that the behavior Mcclain described was the definition of iSheep… guess you can’t mention that word without setting off a flame war. That’s my bad right there.

While we’re waving our hands with grand assertions, can I add this one to your list

“Lots of people buy Android phones blindly because they just want a “smartphone” and the person in AT&T or Verizon points them to an HTC or a Samsung phone.”

Since we don’t care about proof, I might as well assert that this population of blind Android buyers is just as large (or larger?) than the blind Apple buyers.

I’m sure they exist, but from my experience talking to actual people, I havent encountered many of those, while many many more people have blindly gone with an iPhone. I don’t have the numbers, but I do have a significant enough difference in a smaller sample of people to conclude that one happens more than the other. Unless ofcourse this sample group falls into the 5% of the bell curve… it’s possible, but unlikely.

Yes, because I’m sure you spend a sufficient amount of time asking everyone you meet the in depth reasons they purchased their mobile phone…Really, have you ever actually asked anyone “hey, so what drove you to buy X device” and actually paid attention to the answer? If so, have you had that conversation with more than 100 people? Because if you haven’t, then you can’t really say, with any amount of seriousness, that you have encountered “many” of either camp.

As a lot of people around here, I tend to be the guy people ask. And yes I’ve asked many people why they’ve chosen their phone. I’d say around 20 have chosen the iphone without thinking about it. I’ve only spoken to one guy who got the GS2 because he didn’t want an apple device. It’s not even a negative thing. At the worst it means apple does great marketing, at the best it means they make attractive devices. Stop being so offended by my observations.

I wasn’t offended at all.

You’re just trying to pass yourself off as some sort of objective expert, without anything to actually back it up.

Never claimed to be an expert, just shared my observation. And I don’t think my conclusion was so outlandish. Feel free to disagree, but I’m done arguing this point.

its not that they follow. It’s like going out to eat at a restaurant that you never heard of but everyone is talking about how amazing their food is. and when i say normal people im referring to people that wouldnt want or care to research the differnces between the available smart phones. like the people that say they have a “droid” even though they actually dont.

Well a restaurant is a bit less of a commitment than a smartphone. But yes, I might try that restaurant, but I won’t be going to it for two years exclusively before I had tried other options. This analogy totally fails because the two are too different. I’m just saying, for a lot of people their brand perception drives them to buy an iPhone over the competition. And that’s fine, but don’t start claiming it’s the best phone ever afterwards, cause they don’t know if they didn’t do the research.

so… what about when people buy a tv? do you think they all do the research and buy excaxtly what’s right for them? or a car.. or anything? some do and I’d guess most don’t.

Its word-of-mouth advertising. and while this might not mean much to you when you make a purchase. it is way more effective than reseaching and comparing specs, pricing, whatever the hell else to a vast majority of “normal people”

Its not anyone’s business to be judging how others spend their money right.

whos judging?

to BrightSilence, sorry.

Wasn’t judging, just observing that there is a quite substantial group of people who make their buying decision based on this.

And in response to Mccain, by doing the research I mean reading reviews and most importantly playing with the devices themselves. Everyone knows spec comparisons are fairly worthless.

They buy without thinking because 200$ is nothing to them and they don’t care enough about gadgets. Ask them again how they buy a Car or a House and the answer would be different. Also they are like the #1 Brand now, ofcourse the customer gets sucked into it, Steve Jobs knew that more than anyone.

Student loans will do that.

Im just saying word-of-mouth is their way of reading reviews. majority of peple dont come to sites like theses and read tech reviews

I feel like we’re in heated agreement here. 😉

keep me warm!

*What you describe is the exact definition of iSheep. They follow. *

Shouldn’t they be buying Android phones then? It has a bigger market share. Your comment doesn’t make any sense.

It does if you read anything beside that line. I was responding to Mcclain saying that they saw others using the iPhone and loving it and that’s why they get an iPhone. Also, there is no single Android phone that is sold even close to as often as the iPhone. And the iPhone is the only phone almost everyone recognizes right away. Android has little meaning to most people especially since it’s on a million phones. Hard to follow something you don’t know.

It’s actually not though. The only people that ever do something just because of the Apple logo on the back is not buy it, because of some irrational hatred for a company that really couldn’t affect their lives less.

I’m not sure what you mean… I’m saying I know that there are a ton of people out there that buy Apple products just because it’s an iPhone or iPad, and even if there were something better, they wouldn’t want to even hear about other options.

And I’m saying that it’s a very false perception created by folks like the Samsung marketing department.

As a teenager, let me say. He’s right. 80% of my friends buy iPod’s, iPhones, and want iPads. I’ve asked them why they just say “because it’s an iPad”. Or when i pull out my android phone, they will seriously say why didn’t you buy an iPhone. Some people will buy Apple because it makes them feel like some part of a higher group.

“Because it’s an iPad” doesn’t nearly mean the same thing as “because it has an Apple logo on it, and I’ll buy anything with an Apple logo on it”.

In fact, in the case of the iPad, there just hasn’t been any good reason at all to buy anything BUT an iPad (Nexus 7, maybe)

Sorry the iPad was supposed to mean any Apple product in general.

This is close to religion. Some people like Apple products and will buy them. No matter if there’s a better one on the market. It’s the loyalty to the brand. It’s not a big problem imo, no need to make a “war” on this.

You like Apple products? Go, buy it! You like other brands with Android running on it? Go, buy it!

Just don’t “kill” each other.

Or sports which is also kind of like religion whether people realize it or not.

There’s a difference between being blindly loyal to a brand in a vacuum, and being loyal to a brand because the products have worked well for you in the past, you have an investment in an ecosystem, the products consistently get good reviews across the tech world, etc. That’s not the type of thing people are usually implying when they accuse Apple customers of being “blind fanboys” “sheep” etc.

You give Samsungs marketing way too much credit. Their marketing sucks.

This is actually a very true reality created by Apples marketing. Which simply means Apple has done very well with their marketing… until those last three ads showed up, that is.

Perception has little to do with the quality of the product and the perception is that the iPhone is the best smartphone. What is actually the best can change quickly, but the perception suffers from inertia, it can take a long time to adjust. And while others are catching up with the iPhone, the mass perception hasn’t changed caught up just yet.

I agree. Samsung’s marketing is not that great. They are improving tho. I see Galaxy S3 ads and signs everywhere now. Their commercials are getting better too. At least I think so.

i want to speak to these people

yes you are right. becasue they recognize that logo and they believe its a company they can trust going by there track record. it used to be the same with sony back in the 90’s. Overseas samsung is like that as well, Samsung is huge in other countries. so yea its called mindshare/brand recognition. it was a time where i would buy nothing but nike shoes

You mean Sony?

Samsung’s rise to prominence is only recent… as in 2000s.

Lol I know for a fact there are people that only buy Apple products because it has the pretty little apple on the back. Had a co-worker that wanted a iPhone asked her why, she said because it has that nice logo on the back.

Okay, then tell me exactly how that’s any different from type of people in this thread who doesn’t want one for no reason other than it has a logo on the back.

Buying or not buying because of a brand can actually have good reasons behind it. You buy Apple because they are reliable and tend to be user friendly. You avoid Apple because they’re a walled garden and (think) they know what you want. Companies have a track record, it’s reasonable to align with that or avoid it based on that.

That’s actually not what I was implying. I’m saying no matter what, if it has an Apple logo, people will obviously know it’s an iPhone. I was NOT saying people only buy Apple products because of the Apple logo.

Fair enough, my apologies.

it only some black, silver, a logo with a faux design.

Please don’t compare any apple products to Ferrari and Porsche. You have in one sentence shown that you think apple has some type of iconic design like the 911 does, and then showed that you don’t know about cars.

the fanboyism is amazing isnt it

I agree Leroy. Everyone expects Apple to come out with a crazy absolutely new totally different design EVERY year! No company will do that!

Gosh I don’t hear complaining about the new galaxy s 3’s design, all Samsung phones for the past few years have been basically the SAME. The only thing most other android phones do is increase screen size and bam! It’s amazing this and amazing that and soooo much better than iPhone! It’s getting real annoying. I like the design of this MOCKUP. Everyone was complaining about the iPhone 4’s design when it was seen. It’s the same stuff every year around every announcement. Most android users just like to confirm there purchase of a phone that more than likely wont get updated in a year etc.. The rest think this MOCKUP is the real thing, no one knows what it will look like so save your breath. So many arguments over nothing, most involving people who never owned an iPhone. I have a 4S and has had Android phones in the past (within 6mths) and I can agree that Apple needs to bump up the screen size, something that is probably inevitable and will happen. Apple won’t be Android and Android won’t be Apple. Stop comparing Jellybean to iOS6. Whatever happens happens if you don’t like it don’t buy it. Lol I remember all the people just like this complaining about the iPhone 4 design; you can’t expect revolutionary redesigns every year. Stay calm.

This analogy isn’t too off base. If anything we can say Apple is looking to be BMW, the body has changed and progressed but still not that far off from what it was before, still has iconic grills.

My question is where will they go after this? Is mobile technology (smartphone wise) hitting a peak?

Maybe this is the allegedly shelved 4S design.

I’m thinking it might be the new 4S design. If they release the 5 and keep a lower end model as they have been, that lower end model would benefit from the smaller dock connector too. This might just be the modified 4S for that purpose.

they didnt show all the pics, the back looks different…should that satisfy most.


Going the way of the Blackerry – 10 years with same phone design and same looking software. It’s only downhill from here for Apple if they keep this up.

Yeah, because consistent design has really hampered their PC sales. It also made their iPod line practically worthless for 10 or so years.

You don’t look at your PC to use it, do you? Sure the Mac Pros didn’t change, but the iMacs sure did. Also, aside from the Classic line, iPods changed dramatically over the years as people adopted the flash-based devices over the hard drive ones. You’re saying the Nano and the Shuffle, their best-selling models, didn’t change?

Have you done some research? Even a little?

The iMac has had the same design for 5 years.

The main iPod line had quite a bit of design consistency as well.

New models introduced new form factors and new designs, but were iterative designs once Apple honed in on a great design.

No, they weren’t all exactly the same, but neither is this.

It’s a beautiful design, I’m happy Apple is refining it.

The Lumia line and Sony Android phones are the only ones that even come close, IMO.

Excuse me, but even on the podcasts I’ve heard multiple complaints of people being bored by the iPhone. And this used to be a bunch of iPhone fanboys. I don’t think you can compare smartphone design with laptop design either. On phones, design has always played a bigger role. And with both the hardware and the software only getting small iterations once a year, I’d say LtRaziel’s post wasn’t that far off. Though admittedly it was a bit reductio ad absurdum, since Apple has a long way to fall before there is any comparison with RIM.

Looks like people are going to be disappointed with this. Personally it won’t bother me as I still like the design. Definitely longer though.

I am actually a bit disappointed that even members think it’s the “same” design. Apple is keeping the design cue but in terms material and structure, this is a totally new one. They complain Apple only goes for aesthetics …and yet when Apple actually changes everything but aesthetics(and even that’s not really true for the back) they complain Apple’s not changing anything.

It’s weird that nobody calls for changes to the Mac designs.

they do for the mac pros. given up by this point though its been so long.

wants in general,

lighter Pro possibly smaller, and as always everyone wants to see what else they can come up with.

They just did make a lighter/smaller pro, but that’s more about function than people wanting a fancy new design.

Probably because OS, app etc updates come thick and fast on mobile platforms so its reasonable to expect the hardware to do the same. Plus most people replace computers much less frequently than phones.

Totally new? this design? if you take away the steel colored metal and the two glass pieces and you have a slightly bigger iPhone 4/4s. So it’s not totally new in any way, just slightly changed like iOS 6, but Apple will say it’s revolutionary lol.

if you take away the steel colored metal and the two glass pieces

Are you serious? Metal and glass piece are the essential structure of the whole phone. The completely redesigned that with a very different unibody structure. I’m flabbergasted how a tech-centric forum can overlook such a drastic change just because it looks similar at a superficial leve.

haha LOL Apple will present their own product designs in a positive light? LOL!

I’m sure Apple knows better than to pay any attention to the whining of nerds on a tech blog.

Will the extra height really add that much to the user experience? Like will text be bigger? I am thinking it will only allow more text on the screen, not make larger text. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still excited about the phone and plan to buy it as soon as it is released.

It’s so that it still looks good in a store next to bigger android phones.

More screen space basically.

All of the sudden you’ll see articles how actually your thumb can reach that size, too! So it’s the second perfect size for a phone.

If this is legit, I’m gonna be disappointed even if it is quad core. The design is weird and old.

How is it weird in your opinion?

It seems to have the same bezel as the 4/4S design, which is really big imho. If this has a 4″ screen, it’s gonna be really tall for a 4 incher. I kinda hope the new design will have much smaller top and bottom bezel with smaller home button.

It looks definitely thinner up and bottom in bezels to my eyes.

Better question is how he is calling a design old of an unreleased phone!

And don’t say it’s cause it’s the same as the 4. It’s similar, but not the same.

well apple seems to think many other devices are the same that have many more difference than this…

disappointed even if it is quad core

No Apple ! NO ! Please change this design.

That has got to be the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen

You must’ve lived quite the sheltered life. I wouldn’t call the design amazing, but it’s not horrible or ugly.

Looks kinda ugly to me but I see uglier things every day.

Ok ok, let me rephrase it. When the iPhone 4 was announced I was like “wow, that looks pretty nice”. When I held it for the first time “Christ, what the hell were they thinking?”. When iPhone 4s was announced “… … ok?” and then… this. Chubby looking iPhone 4 with the same lack of ergonomics = ugly, not only as in the aesthetics.

You didn’t improve on your original comment. I’m not a fan of Apple for completely different reasons, but the iPhone 4 design was quite unanimously loved by everyone. I found it quite pleasing at the time too. I think this doesn’t look as nice, but most of all I’m bored of this design now. Not that I mind, I’m not buying it anyway. But universal hate for everything iPhone makes no sense. I will gladly admit that Apple knows hardware design and tends to make some of the prettiest products you will find. And I’m sure if this is the design of the next iPhone, it’ll look better when you’re holding it.

Totally agree. iPhone 4 design is one of the ergonomically worst designs I have ever held. Every day I use it (for work), I hate the ergonomics of actually using it.

which one would you want your hands all over?

I’d have to go with the broken image!

yeah, i cant use the internet!

iPhone 4 has to be the most legendary iPhone ever but this design is getting old now.

I agree. I think two years with the same design is enough.

Looks EXACTLY Like the 4/4s . . . I don’t believe.

The back is totally different and is part of YE band at the edge, no longer a ‘sandwich’.

Meh. It’s not ugly, but it’s…stale. It works well, but it no longer impresses.

The design is fine. I like it. I own a 4S and I like it. But it does make me feel better about skipping the iPhone 5 since my contract isn’t up until next year. So it makes me feel like I still have a relevant phone if the design is similar.

The design is disappointing. I don’t understand why Apple would keep the sharp edge digging into my palm design. The rounded back to the 3gs felt better in the hand. I do think the shade change for he rim was a good idea but this color just didn’t doesn’t agree with the phone. Something a bit darker would work better. The front pane doesn’t take advantage of the bigger screen. It just got stretched. A smaller bezel on the top and bottom would be nice. The home button could have become more oval shaped to fit in the smaller bezel and better match the shape of a pressing thumb.

This is just iphone 4ss.

Please tell me that’s NOt the headphone jack at the bottom, that would make using headphones a real pain in the ass

That’s a fairly long standing rumour. I agree it seems like it will be a pain, but apparently a lot of people prefer it that way.

I can’t find the link but it was reported previously that the headphone jack is moving to the bottom.

It makes much better sense to be at the bottom. Think how you put it in your pocket.

Well, I currently put it in bottom first. But i’ll just change that over time.

But then surely you pull your phone out of your pocket upside down?

I’ll reorientate it pretty quickly i’m sure.

Still adjusting with my galaxy nexus, but when you’re using it the wire is at least not in the way now. I do prefer the plug on the bottom, but like you, I’ve always had my phone in my pocket bottom down. Not sure why a lot of people assume everyone puts them in the pocket upside down.

Not sure why a lot of people assume everyone puts them in the pocket upside down.

You didn’t assume everyone puts them in right side up like you do?

Nope, I did not. I don’t even assume everone puts then in the pocket with the screen towards them. But then I’m very open minded. 😉

No, I do the same thing. When you bring it up to your face it’s the right way around. (assuming the screen is facing the inside of your pocket)

might be just me and few others….

i really hate headphone jack on top, when you are holding the holding and listening, the wire is hanging from top S

when it’s on bottom, well when you put your phone in the pocket, you put it upside down and when picking it up from the pocket it’s naturally in straightened mode! you don’t have to adjust to use it, use pull out the pocket and GO!

Yea, I like It at the bottom. I miss it from the days when I had the iPod touch. I am happy to see it may be coming to the iPhone too.

And yet people were bitching when the iPad came out that the headphone jack was at the top, not the bottom…oy…

I think different people may have different opinions… I’m not sure though. Others may disagree.

Odd, old, boring design. I will most certainly not be buying this iPhone, if it’s real.

I don’t believe this to be real at all. There holes at the bottom, in terms of speaker ports, are too large. The headphone jack at the bottom thing doesn’t make any sense either, especially since pretty much all iOS devices have headphone jacks at the top, and it just makes more sense that way. I’d definitely just keep the 4S if this was truly the iPhone 5.

Recalling disappointment with the 4S design, I also remember the rumors that it was incremental and that “the next iPhone” was personally designed by the hand of God Steve.

If the photo is real, then apparently great artists steal from their subordinates.

This design fits in with previous leaks. http //gizmodo.com/5913935/alleged-photo-of-the-new-iphone-case-suggests-itll-have-an-aluminum-back-and-smaller-dock-connector

Thanks cpt. Obvious.

Please leave a fucking rag like Giz off a legitimate tech site like please haha

Your comments fits in with my assumption that most people comment after only having looked at the headline and pictures of an article.

You’ve got the same macbook pro for 3 or 4 years, and I haven’t heard a lot of ppl unhappy. Come on.

People are happy with the same washing machines also. With phones, its difference. Lot of people change phones every year. Its important.

UGLY. I’m glad I picked up the SGS3 this past week. I’ve always been a HUGE iPhone guy. They have started to disappoint me the past year.

picking up the ugliest phone on the market and claiming the new iPhone is ugly …. good job, sir!

Good point, it’s not ugly, but I’m tired of the iPhone 4/4S design. Old news, small screen.

The transition from 4/4s is not big enough.

Uh, ys it is.

Kind of looks like a worn down bar of soap.

People who call the GSIII ugly have never seen it in person or held it. I hate TouchWiz, but the design of the phone is very well done and better than this tired design.

Galaxy S3 looks like shit

looks ugly

Galaxy series are the ugliest series of phones. HTC and Sony do design better.

The home button looks like an old toenail.


I do find it to be an ugly phone. I’m not at all a fan of plastic made to look like metal, and the blue version looks very cheap (the white one looks a lot nicer, but still). And it feels cheap, even for a plastic phone. HTC and Nokia are making better-feeling plastic phones.

The Galaxy S III is the ugliest flagship on the market in perhaps 3 years. I’ve seen it and held it in person, and it’s slightly better, but it still looks ugly and feels cheap compared to most other phones. TouchWiz, amongst other things, have convinced me that Samsung should steer clear of UX design, they’re terrible at it.

Doesn’t help that it photographs absolutely awfully.

the SGS3 isn’t really photogenic, but the design actually works IRL, you should try to hold it once in a shop, or something.

I’m sure way more people think GS3 is the ugliest.

MacBooks look the same for 4 years now and no one is complaining, why does the next iPhone have to look significantly different than the old ones?

MacBooks look basically the same since the iBooks. They’ve only become thinner and got a chicklet keyboard.

That’s the Apple philosophy; bring out a great product and iterate on it. iMacs haven’t changed that much as well since the white G5. Thinner, aluminum, that’s about it.

I don’t expect the iPad to change a lot as well next year, and why should they?

And by “no one” you mean the people who comment on ?

Gosh it’s thinner, bigger and way improved, what more do you want?

way improved how?

well its not out yet so no one knows but if previous releases are any indication, improved cpu, improved gpu, improved camera, improved battery life and LTE might be a few things as well as a larger and improved display, NFC etc assuming those rumors are true. i guess thats way improved?

if the changes are just like last year, you have to ask, what are they doing new this year?


On top of that, the new design and OS update im not sure what else you need. what do you want it hop out the box and blow you?

rhetorical question btw

please be fake




Geeeeez. Looks so boring. Apple, seriously, you can do more.




what would you suggest. i think they should put a Swiss Army knife that comes from the sides, or how about something you can hide your keys into that will be awesome. Or how about make it a round like a hockey puck…not that will be sweet. so many ideas that is not a boring as this iphone design. anybody have anymore ideas you can share thats not boring

First of all getting finally rid of home button. It’s so unnecessary.

Home button needs to stay.

a. It makes the front design iconic.

b. It’s intuitive.

c. It’s easy to tell front and back even in your pocket.

d. Capacitive buttons feel flaky and there’s a lot of unintentional presses.

e. Since Apple put that button there, Samsung tried to copy it, and got into trouble. Apple will probably keep the home button for a looong time.

There’s just one problem with that home button higher failure rates. Especially whwen you have to keep double clicking it to access your recent app list. It’s my number one annoyance.

I agree. It should be able to take all the usage thrown at it. Sadly, a lot of people have trouble with their home buttons being stuck. As long as it functions well, I see no problem with it…

That is the fault of iOS not of that home button.

Either way it’s the fault of Apple.

Isn’t everything?

F. It’s the ‘OH-no-I’m-stuck-what-do-I-need-to-do-now?’ button.

Trust me, I sell iPhones and when I tell people that they can ALWAYS press that button to go home, they just love it.

ps. why do you think the S3 has a dedicated button for that…

will just say blackberry playbook!

LMAO, yea the playbook.

did you even understand why I mentioned playbook?

so do pretty much all phones.. a home button has been around for a fair while.. pretty sure Apple will claim they invented that as well

a. personally don’t like and think it’s obsolete but agree

b. there’s nothing intuitive about it-it’s just a button to be pressed

c. sorry, I don’t call nor write emails while keeping my iphone in a pocket

d. obviously you haven’t been using very much capacitive buttons

e. yes, apple likes to stick to boring outdated solutions

e, Oh, you mean like floppy discs, disk drives and VGA ports…

a. OK.

b. Like what RobBerendas said, it’s the button people automatically think of pressing when they are stuck. It’s the only button on the face, so naturally (intuitively) it’s the button to press when there doesn’t seem to be an option. Once you press it and see what it does, it’s a safe button.

c. Not many people write emails in their pockets either. However, it helps the user to naturally pull out the phone right side up, or find the easiest button to press in the dark.

d. my HTC Raider has FOUR capacitive buttons.

e. boring and outdated solutions… what would be an “exciting and cutting-edge” solution for you? I think if it works great, there’s very little reason to change it.

Oh, one more thing.

The home button is awesome when the phone is on a table/desk/flat surface. Capacitive buttons don’t register.

Having a physical home button on the face means you don’t need to pick up the phone to light up the screen to check the time.

Also, I really miss being able to turn on with the larger, sometimes more convenient home button with the Nexus 7.

Tell that to Samsung. They need to get rid of the home button.. copying iPhone even when their own OS guidelines say go with software menu buttons.

Samsung phones have had the galaxy s style home button for years before the iphone. You fans should realize that apple can’t retroactively invent stuff.

So how come they didn’t introduce the same home button in Galaxy S2 US Version?

If it ain’t broke, why change it? They’re replacing the glass on the back with metal, but keeping the antenna design and overall feel. And for that matter, if it fits well in the hand and has good hardware on the inside why the hell would it matter what it looks like? The exterior design makes zero difference in actual use.

Because as Steve Jobs always said…(Wayne Gretzky quote) “Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been”

I don´t get all this hate. This design has already simple and understated, with it just getting thinner and more durable now. What´s not too like?

It’s the same design, still a small screen. iPhone WAS ahead of the industry 5 years ago, now they are falling behind. This is coming from an iPhone fanboy.


you know what has same designs as the previous models. tv’s, cars, computers, dvd players. they all look the same with some incremental updates. you cant just go in a change everything at once. you have to gradually change things steps at a time. everyone does this not just apple

Wrong, absolutely wrong. Example, the Galaxy SII and Galaxy SIII. That was a huge jump. A jump that big for Apple would only happen after 5 generations of the iPhone. That is not how the industry works, that’s how Apple works.

not a huge difference, but you can still tell its a galaxy phone

dammit i cant get this picture of the phones to come up

Right, but in terms of materials and build quality the iPhone has always been ahead. I don´t like to spend 600 bucks on a cheap-feeling piece of plastic (hyperbole, yes). And I would claim that most people prefer the iPhone design over anything Samsung has made so far. The fact that Apple is not moving along with the rest of the industry is also obvious and has been this way for a long time, but so far it didn´t really hurt them, did it?

The SII needed that much improvement.

All things considered, I really don’t want to see Apple to get involved with the pissing contest that is Android screen sizes.

Your basing your response on a MOCKUP you know this right?

Still a small screen? Get an iPad.

How much do you want them to change it? The current design seems to work very well maybe even better than the first iPhones. With our current technology, you can’t have a big screen with high portability. And it’s not about being “ahead of the industry”. It’s about innovative steps towards a greater device each generation. I think a smaller dock connector and a bigger screen are great steps toward a greater device. And eventually more drastic design changes will come when different technology is invented. Give Apple new toys, they’ll play!

If the design works, why change it? First you complain that there’s a new iPhone each year and you don’t have money for such a fast product cycle, and then you complain that the design is getting old. It’s not getting old, it’s already a classic.

I agree totally. Apple needs to stick with the same industrial design and UI so that customers who have gotten acclimated to their phones aren’t in for a shock with something radically different.

I guess you’re right. Millions of customers have gotten acclimated and they should stick with the same design for few more generations. Apple and boring are quite the opposite.

Apple and boring opposites? That’s not what this image tells me. HAH! kneeslap

I was just being sarcastic. It seems Apple is copying Microsoft’s approach ‘once you’ve sold a few millions, stick to it and dont change’. Slow and steady wins the race you know. Btw, Apple and copying are quite the opposite.

This kind of reasoning makes me angry. To make it better, obviously. Are you that clueless? If something works, you can try to make it better, you can ALWAYS try make it better. To say that is to not take risks, and no risks means nothing gets done. This is why Apple’s theoretically falling behind in the Smartphone business.

There are people who buy iPhone because “it’s the best” and there are those who buy it because “it’s the prettiest.” iPhone has elevated beyond the utilitarian purposes and become a fashion statement like iPods. Meaning, for people who bought iPhone for its looks, the capabilities don’t really matter – it’s only an “upgrade” if it looks different/better.

Steve Jobs always said…“Stake to where the puck is going, not to where it has been” (Wayne Gretzky quote)

This looks like a where it has been type of thing

Sony isn’t going to be happy about this. /s

i seriously hope this isn’t the next iPhone design, 3 iPhone with same design? tho they did really pull first 3 iPhone with pretty much same design other than back material!

It’s underwhelming, but what’s the camera going to be like? If Apple decided to cram in a true point and shoot killer, which the 4S nearly is, that makes it more interesting. But how much consternation could Jony Ive had over designing this? Until someone walks out on stage holding the new iPhone, we can only speculate.

Anything less than 16 megapixels with Lytro will be a disappointment.

The main reason I would believe this to be fake is because of the hole between the Camera and flash… Why not use the normal Mic?

normal mic = the one used for phone calls? it’s on the wrong side. it matters..

I don’t know. That headphone jack looks a bit too close to the speaker. If you plugged in some headphones, it looks like it would block part of the speaker.

I have a Galaxy SIII, and although I adore this device, that iPhone 5 looks beautiful.

It’s not going to be called iPhone 5. That name does’t make any sense. It’s the same when people thought iPhone 4 will be named iPhone 4G…even though Apple NEVER named their iPhones in terms of “generation” but in terms of connection technology, and there was no way AT&T was getting LTE that fast in mid 2010.

It must be fake because it’s missing the Sony logo.

Jony logo acctually )

The Jony Wozman was my favorite cassette player.

Well played.

I gotta admit, that was pretty clever of whoever did those renderings. props to them D

I don’t like the two colored back if its real, other than that it’s looks pretty great!

J-Ive can ( should ) do a lot better than this

The iPhone 4 & 4S is a beautiful device…and still is. But its time for something different. This isn’t where the next iPhone should be in terms of industrial design. I really hoping its a fake apple is leaking out.

Absolutely true… Almost 100% same design through 3 generations is really boring. And God, why is that back panel not covering the full back side? I’m planning to buy a new phone, but if this is how the next iPhone look like then I’ll get S3…

But brand fan boys will buy it anyways…

Because they need an area for the radio’s to receive and transmit that’s not covered by metal.

This is why they have the antenna on the sides all over…

and im sure they can color match it

So because it is a rectangle, it is the same design? Looks way different.

You remind me of Tool fans after the leak of the 10,000 Days album.

Damn hipsters.

That isn’t announced and confirmed yet.

I love the minimalist design. Even after all those years it is the best looking phone there is. But i am not the majority in this.

P.s also never shop at ikea, but te rest of the world does.

Oh I’m pretty sure that you’re the majority in thinking that iPhone is the best looking smartphone there is.

I don’t mind it, for the most part, but that two toned back is ugly as hell. I will definitely put a damn case on this thing. Yuck. (I’ve never used a case on any iPhone)

All I care about, does it have NFC?

it probably will, passbook in the latest keynote was a huge hint towards that.

In the images you’ll see that one of the components is printed with NFC…

Use +0. This is comment section, the house of Google.

I love it. Appreciate the bigger design, and I like the fact the headphone jack is now at the bottom so headphones don’t dangle in the way when using it.

Plus I love the two tone look on the back. Really hoping this is the legitimate thing.

Apple’s MBP has not seen a drastic design change in a long time. So, I can easily see Apple finding a great design with a phone and sticking with it.

When I see picture of an iPhone4 or 4s I think, “Wow, that is one great looking phone.” Also the horizontal strip shortens the phone’s appearance.

yeah this is just an iphone 4s with a 4 inch screen. maybe a quad core chip, but if not, then it is not worth it.

They should call is the 44s instead.

I bet Apple made that themselves and leaked it. That cannot be the actual iPhone 5 because the physical design basically hasn’t changed at all.

To be honest, whether or not it looks like the 4/4S this is a major design difference. the entire back is now a casing that holds the internals, and the screen comes off verses the back plate as in the 4/4S. It’s moved to a more “Unibody” design, though it does look nearly identical from the front.

I’m pretty sure they copied it off of iPhone 4, they should sue!

Look at that amazing innovation by Apple, oh wait it looks the same as their past 2 devices. Big shocker there

This would confirm that rumors of the new port size and moving the headphone jack to the bottom. So, probably legit.

That is such flawed logic that it makes me sad.

Let me edit for the sake of your depression This would confirm that rumors of the new port size and moving the headphone jack to the bottom. It’s probably legit.

I personally doubt this is the final product. Probably just something to throw people off their track. If it is, then damn. I’m sick of this iterative bullshit. At least Samsung is making phones that look different generation to generation. I get the 4 to the 4s. But just a subtle tweak to the 5 would suck. I want the 5 to blow my 4s out the water. Was disappointed with ios6 but holding out hope they didn’t show all their cards and will leverage the extra screen estate by more than just adding a bloody extra row of icons. Here’s to holding out hope…

I’m sick of this iterative bullshit

That’s exactly what everybody said when the 3GS came out. And the 4S. I was there; I had the discussions with people.

Well, I guess Apple has another failure at their hands here.

People will still buy it by the truckload but the tech enthusiasts (who arguably drive the market with early adoption) won’t necessarily be ecstatic. Generally this results in hohum reviews and the product likely would have sold better with a more enthusiastic reception. Doesn’t mean it sells poorly, just could have been better.

Let’s see what’s INSIDE it before we start talking about reviews. They wouldn’t create a design so similar to the previous one on the outside if it isn’t going to be a drastic change on the inside. We already know they’re creating a lot of space in it (new connector, nano-SIM, headphone jack on the bottom, unibody design) so we can only hope the innards would be twice as fast as the 4S.

Time will tell.

Making a device look different just to look different is stupid, and tedious.

This is still the best designed hardware out there. Besides Sony, no Android OEM can even touch this, IMO.

Wow don’t know what you all on about… Me likie.. Am not a fan of plastic or cheap Samsung feel like phones… I have 4s and will go for this if windows 8 is crap )

They really need to fix whatever causes this in the iPhone app.

Also, the port of obviously proprietary….but it’s the same size as Micro-USB…use Micro-USB jerks!

They can’t support the peripherals with micro-USB.

Can you name what peripherals are not supported?

Audio/video, remote controls, storage, network connections and data transfers are!

Not sure why everyone is is dissapointed… The iPhone kept the same shape for 3 years…. This is the same kind of change from the original to the 3G.

they should just call it the iphone 4 4GS

Classic design. I guess with Apple keeping the the antenna bands like that, it would be hard to design around it. That being said, iPhone 4 had and still is one of the better designed phones in the market. HTC One series is brilliant. Samsung still doesnt know how to design anything

Fuck’s sake people, look up the Galaxy Nexus and try and tell me that’s a bad design. I fucking dare you.

Dared. Looks like a parade-balloon version of the iPhone-wannabe Windows Mobile phone I had years ago. There’s less plastic in stripper’s tits.

Err nope. They never designed good phones. Never used good materials nothing. I may not be an android fan but I applaud HTC and Sony for designing some amazing looking phones which also feel good in the hand. Also look at Lumia.

I have to agree. HTC has cultivated a great, distinctive design language over the last few years. You’ll never confuse an HTC for anything else. The same can be said for Nokia’s Lumia lineup and Sony’s Xperia lineup (though it did undergo a pretty big change recently). Samsung, on the other hand, just isn’t in the same league. That’s not to say everything they’ve released is garbage. Certainly not. The curved screen they introduced on the Nexus S was a great idea, for instance. They have also released some properly good looking phones. The Galaxy SII (the OG, not one of the thousands of carrier branded versions) looked amazing. Had they stuck with that and iterated on it, my opinion of their designs would be much more positive. They don’t have a unifying design language. They just churn a bunch of stuff out. Some of it is great, but a lot of it is mediocre. This ultimately only serves to dilute the brand. There’s just nothing distinctively “Samsung” about their designs.

I agree with this, I’ve always loved HTC’s designs, and Sony’s recent designs really stand out nicely and look solid. This said, the Pre looked more solid than the GSIII, but it actually wasn’t all that solid when the keyboard found regular use. /

It’s not bad, it’s just ugly compared to the iPhone 4/s

I disagree, Its not ugly, but rather incredibly boring in comparison. If it didn’t have stock ICS, there would be nothing special about that device. Ask any editor at who uses one.

It’s not ugly per se, but in comparison to the iPhone 4/s it is.

On it’s own it’s just boring and bland.

As much as I absolutely despise Apple and their products, that’s actually a pretty cool design. It’s only slightly different to the 4S design, sure, but it’s more rugged and industrial, like an HTC phone only without the random added bits. The whole thing has an Android phone vibe to it. I like it. Still, I hope it bombs and Apple suffers immensely for it. Fucking patent troll. I may be a tech fan but I don’t support shitty business models.

The logic in this comment is making my head hurt.

You may not realize this, but patent trolls don’t design and ship the most innovative technology that changes whole industries. Apple does.

What’s wrong with app?

Can’t stand Samsung design, looks like a big bar of soap for women with a cheap feel to it

Put a nice case on it and voila 😉

Yeah, because that phone really needs to get bigger.

Yeah, tons of people died because of 2mm of plus thickness…

Gotta be a decoy, surely.

I’m thinking the same exact thing. This ‘prototype’ is gaining way too much press without Apple involvement. If Tim claimed to have double down in secrecy and this is actually the next iPhone then I don’t know what to say but I have a feeling Apple is behind all of this strategically.

agreed but look to the MB Retina. No-one figured that out.

Yes, everyone got the essentials. 15″ screen retina, thinner, no CD drive etc but the look of it was more MBA than thin MB. That was a surprise.

Thus I agree with you, this could be a big misdirection and the actual design could be different.


The retina MacBook Pro looks exactly like the non-retina versions, except skinnier.

The wedge-shaped MacBook Air designs with their aluminum screen bezels are quite different.

sorry bad grammar and not paying attention to what I write and all.

what i meant to say is that the MB retina looks nothing like what people thought it was going to look like. All mockups and speculation pointed to a large MBA clone i.e. tapered.

The actual MB retina turned out to be a skinny MB Pro, which no one figured.

And given the behaviour of Apple recently if it was the real design they’d be slapping people with cease & desist letters right left and center.

That is what people said about the iPhone 4.

I don’t understand the people that so badly want a new design?

After all, Samsung will just copy whatever Apple does, so how is that any different? Heh.

FYI, app keeps closing after I post a comment.

As someone who isn’t necessarily an Apple “fan” I always found the 4S to be a truly pretty phone from a design perspective and that current OEM’s had just begun to catch up in that respect with phones like the One X and Lumia, but if this is what the next iPhone is going to be then I think they’ve taken a real step back.

Back is ugly as hell.

I like the back, would like them to do something to the front, change it up a bit, same look is getting dull.

I don’t get why people say this is the same design as the 4 and 4S.

As a matter of fact, the only design cue from older iPhones is the look of the Ringer/Silent switch and the volume buttons. Everything else is different, and some differences are big Apple using a new metal, or differently machined aluminum, is a big, big design news.

if anyone else came out with this design it would be sued for being iphone copy…

Yes, it does look like an iPhone. I think it must be because it is a phone, designed by Apple—but I don’t know, I’m just riffing here.

What did you expect, a Sleep/Wake button on the right side and three on–screen buttons?

Looks nice. It makes sense that they stick with the same overall design language and make changes within that framework. That’s how you build a recognizable, cohesive brand. This isn’t exclusive to Apple. HTC has also mastered this, IMO.

I’ll inevitably end up with the “S” version of it a year later, just as I’ve ended up with a 4S.

All’s well til you see the back. I sincerely hope that part is a red herring.

It looks unfinished, the speaker hole placement is unbalanced, the backplate is badly assembled…

I’m pretty sure it’s an intentional leak.

i don’t like the speaker grilles either, should have be more fine.

I believe the chassis is probably a mock up to fit the components.

It’s parts from a “iPhone 5” not the finished phone.

The “speaker” holes aren’t unbalanced, because it only has one speaker.

i like the idea that there is a stickman in every iphone.

design looks nice, dont have any visual problems with it.

If this is the real deal, I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t go for a full design reboot like they did from the 3G/3GS to 4.

This isn’t to say I don’t love the design of the 4/4S (because I do), I was just expecting more of that “wow” factor with the new iPhone. Aside from subtle differences, the overall engineered design is the same.

I’m just wondering, did Steve really allowed this design? They said, Steve had some active work in the next iPhone as well…

I don’t really care for it.

Looks like a 4/S with a little top and bottom attachment to make it longer.

I am surprised we haven’t seen a “Steve jobs would not allow this” comment yet

assumed there was, but aint worth my time to check.

Its funny when you see those comments. Every time i do, i always think “do these people realize that he never wanted there to be an app store.”. He was a genius, no doubt about that. But he wasn’t always right, and on many occasions. He also thought that videos on the iPod in circa 2005 wouldn’t be so popular. Funny, thats why i wanted one that Christmas.

Steve Jobs would not allow those comments.

Sincerely hope the screen isn’t bigger than 4-4.3″…4″ would be great..

Never liked the iphone4 design cause of the straight edges.

So this doesn’t appeal to me either.

I prefer the older curved designs like the 3GS.

Straight edges?

not sure how to describe it but it is the edges where the side of the phone and the front and back meet.

like when you look at the phone from the sides you can see the “straight edges”

But it does have the advantage of attaching cases.

Anyway it is just me.

I think I know what you mean, there’s no beveling to phone’s body lines, if that’s what you’re trying to say?

Not only do I really hope this is fake, I kind of believe it is.

I mean, if you think about what happened with the iPhone 4 leak, one would imagine that Apple is manufacturing fake bodies to test the new internals / throw everyone off. My bets are that we’ll see a radically new design come October. Who knows, though.

but since they’re sourcing all the parts from other people it’s kind of hard to keep them from knowing what they should be manufacturing practically next week. hard to keep secrecy in that kind of situation, especially if you want to shop around for the best price.

In before Apple call it magical revolutionary =P

Twice as amazing, twice as fast, twice as …

Better than saying the phone is made for “Humans”

That’s an ugly slogan as well.

That’s what happens when companies try to use “unique” phrases, it just comes off forced and unrelatable, of course the phone IS made for humans, who else can it possible be made for?!

Saying “Magical” doesn’t sound as forced but it does sound fresh and new, and people chase new experiences.

God Samsungs crap is just as bad lol =P


Atleast they won’t specify its designed for humans

I am smelling the fear in the comments… The haters know the next iPhone will be the biggest release ever and the design will be anything but ugly. Familiar maybe but not ugly. The best part is that none of the KIRFers can now easily copy the design as it truly stands out and is unique amongst the sea of plastic crap.

“Fear”? LOL

Oooo… a new phone that looks just like the old one. Spooky!

Theory confirmed. Thanks.

You are s skilled troll, I’ll give you that.

The trolls are the ones who are trolling this Apple story. You guys should stick to Dell/HP/Samsung/Google/Microsoft or whoever makes the best hardware for you.

McDonalds sells loads of food. Doesn’t mean its inspiring or revolutionary.

Apple got street cred for design. They have basically designed 2 phones in 6 years if this one is fo realz.

One thing most people don’t realize is that if you got something right, you don’t have to change it for the sake of change. This design has sold a lot and even today, no phone comes close to the build quality of the iPhone.

The basic shape is still the same. The steel band + antenna is still there. The gorilla glass screen will still be there.

They are increasing the screen size, reducing the bottom port size, probably removing glass from the back (will be a shame), moving the headphone jack to the bottom and changing the speaker grill design.

They also might have a few surprises

– Maybe some breakthrough battery technology.

– Some new exotic material with which its built.

– NFC or related hardware.

– A hugely improved screen with in-cell technology.

– I am hoping that one day, the top bezel will totally go where the speaker, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor and Facetime camera are somehow hidden behind the screen. A man can dream.

I agree. I don’t think the average iPhone user wants too much change. In fact, most people get used to one thing and when things drastically change, they sorta freak out.

For most people change in physical appearance = change

I thought Mr. Cook was doubling down on secrecy…

I hoping (and im sure that many others here to) that its a fake leaked out by Apple to mislead us.

Yeah, they may learned from iPhone 4 leaks. This design is really ugly imo, so I hope they’ll release a totally different one in September.

I really want to feel the “wow” factor again (just like at the 1st iPhone).

The “wow” factor of the first gen iPhone can never be replicated. I wish i could say thats an opinion but its pretty much a fact. Especially with Jobs gone.

Maybe you are right.

I agree with UnbiasedFanboy96. I immediately bought an iPhone within the first year it came out. The feeling was amazing.

(1) Let’s be perfectly clear In terms of design and build quality, the iPhone’s current style is still two steps ahead of everything except for the Lumia 800. In that respect its hard to fault them for sticking with the style.

(2) I think we’re seeing the first sign that Apple is being run by a bean-counter instead of a visionary. Apple roared to the front of the tech industry by grabbing the public’s attention each year with “The New New Thing.” I can’t help but feel that supply chain decisions logistics principles are driving the decision to new so closely to the obvious road ahead. It’s a shame to see.

Hope this is a fake, that looks naff.

wow Apple really went all out on this one……

Looks like an iPhone, who’d have thought! Also the problem with the iPhone 5 is iOS not the phone itself, it looks tired and dated compared to Android offerings.

That glass sticks out far. Maybe they’re going for a rounded feel grip on the side without making it actually rounded at all?

I’m a huge fan of the 4/4s, so I don’t mind the design, overall, but that two tone back is just meh.

I still think the 4/4s design is the best looking phone out there right now, and Apple, generally, maintained the basic look of a device once they’ve refined it to the point they have the 4/4s design (basic iPod design, MBP, etc.), so it wouldn’t surprise me, or bother me, to see this design stick around for a while, but ugh to that back panel..

Actually lets be honest here… the best deigned phone I have seen is this (I mean only the frontal part)

Yeah, not from a hardware perspective.

iPhone 4/4s design easily outshines everything out right now. Only the Lumia line is even close. Sony is probably the only Android manufacturer coming close, IMO

Only the Lumia line is even close.

Which is funny because Apple chose not to go with that design.

HTC should be in that list. There’s generally no doubt that HTC can design some amazing phones (HTC’s recent One line, for example). One of the biggest complaints about the 4/4S was that it shattered easily(Question the materials or the design, your choice). Good design, but it wasn’t tough enough. The idea of good design along with good durability isn’t an alien concept, seeing as Nokia, HTC, and Samsung have managed to do so. Then again, it’s down to personal opinion, no? I think that this new(ish) design will make a worthy successor to the 4/4S.

Meanwhile, if you want to talk about hardware altogether instead of design, then Apple’s currently losing the battle on some fronts while winning on others. From a hardware perspective, the Nexus outclasses the iPhone (IMO) in nearly everything except for the camera and GPU/CPU (depending on how you look at it.) The same goes for many competing phones.

Apple’s currently losing the battle on some fronts while winning on others

If you only look at clock speeds or what not, sure, but that’s not the whole picture. If the Nexus has a worse camera, and a worse CPU/GPU (not really by a lot, but some), then what else is there? It has a worse display, by every metric except megapixels, and while it has more RAM, it doesn’t actually affect performance in any measurable way over the 4s. The 4S has newer Bluetooth, by all accounts, better battery life. Of course, you can start talking about the OneX and SIII being better, but they certainly better be, they are half a year later than the most recent iPhone.

Hardware/software optimization/synergy is a huge benefit for Apple. Their “lower spec’ed” hardware easily outperforms higher spec’ed hardware. The guts of this will, undoubtedly, be an upgrade over the 4S, and will, most likely, be at the top of some more useless benchmarks. and the cycle will continue when the next high end android device comes out, and they will continue to leap frog each other.

To each his own. The display can be considered better or worse depending on who you ask (Obviously you hold the idea that it sucks), and for some, the PenTile Matrix doesn’t matter when it comes to actual use. The iPhone doesn’t necessarily have a higher quality or better display, and it certainly doesn’t win because pixel density is higher. I only state GPU/CPU based on performance, although it partially is due to Apple’s control. On raw power, it’s plausible that the one on the Nexus beats the one in the iPhone. RAM is important on terms of multitasking (which iOS sucks at-I mean no offense, but multitasking on iOS is half-assed). Project Butter and recent advancements in Android are taking advantage of the hardware to ensure that the experience is fluid and nearly (if not actually) on par with iOS. Battery life is dependent on which variant of the Nexus you use, similar to how the One X works. The GSM Nexus trounces the LTE/CDMA Nexus, and has been seen to be about on par with the iPhone (Although it depends on. Don’t discount the Nexus; it’s still one of the best devices you can get today, and still stands as a competitor to the iPhone 4S in its current iteration.

Anyways, you at least understand (Looking at your comments, I’m getting the idea that you wholeheartedly support Apple) that the hardware/software cycle will continue. Apple’s control ensures a well tuned and fluid experience, while Android is moving towards that very same experience. Without a doubt, the next iPhone will provide performance that the current generation cannot attain, but the gap is closing (Hell, might as well toss this in-Windows Phones run just as well as iPhones with similar specs).

With the screen on, perhaps. With the screen off, most people would think its a Galaxy S 1. Sorry but its true.

Actually, with the screen off, most people would probably believe it’s an iPhone.

“most people” are dumb lol.

Yeah, all the US supreme court justices and 90% of everyone else over 50 are idiots because they can’t separate a Nexus Galaxy from an iPhone.

When did this happen? I’ve never heard that the Supreme court justices confused the Galaxy Nexus and iPhone… I’d love to know where you get your news.

MOST people wouldnt care. Only tech people like myself would even think about it for more than a half second and I dont go around looking at other people’s phone, i just dont care.

NON techie people are why the iPhone sells so well. They have no clue what they’re doing and just want it because its popular, not because it’s well built. I know people with iphones that don’t even know how to put music on it, they just want it because it looks “cool”.

I agree. Practically every college student has an iPhone. And then they show it off to their younger siblings who eventually get one (upgrade from ipod touch).

The cycle will continue.

Apple, Sony, HTC… and Google itself have to remember that and take this into account when designing next phones… I mean I will be PRETTY disappointed if next Nexus phone will change the frontal look too much… it is almost perfect… just add quad CPU/Bigger battery/ MUCH better camera… HTC One like back cover… et voila!

Front truly looks awesome!

It;s a rehashed SGS2 and it feels like it was made by a toy company

I can complain about Galaxy Nexus, but it will mostly be related to back cover and camera… nothing else really…

Yeah the camera is freaking pathetic. Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note had really good cameras tho.

Looks amazing.


I do like the design the brushed metal is awesome, but I think it’s a little to similar to the current iPhone. Can’t wait!

I’m not expecting Apple to throw the iconic iPhone design away soon. I think they’re going to constantly refine and tune this design, I’m not sure we’ll get to see an entirely new design.

I thought the display was supposed to be bonded to the glass to save a few millimeters and make touch more accurate. That screen looks like it’s the same one from iPhone 4.

It is the same, just taller.

yeah pics are totally good enough to discriminate .2 mm.

Not sure about the back. I wasn’t sure the first time I saw the back, still ain’t. If it’s smooth around the edges though, that might make it more appealing. Maybe if they made the whole back the metal instead, but not leave bits at the top and bottom of the back.

Also, not the same, but the industrial look of it reminds me of Microsoft’s Surface tablet. I love the design of that thing.


I’m more interested in performance and software. From what I have seen of iOS6 so far, this isn’t going to make me put down my Galaxy Nexus.

The only phone capable of making me put down my Google Nexus is Samsung’s own Galaxy S III. Other than that, the next Nexus… but only if made by Samsung (which will mean it would be based on the magnificent GSIII).

Performance? Will still be smoother than any Android phone released to date.

Software? Still has the best app store with the newest Indie one of a kind apps.

That isn’t enough IMO.

What’s the use of 1GB RAM and a quad core processor if it can’t multi-task? Is it gonna be able to run Photoshop?

It multitasks perfectly fine (better in many ways, because the OS actually does the multi-tasking instead of the user having to manage crap). Quit being daft.

iOS and Android multi-task differently, but they both do it. In fact, the latest Android releases are changing how multi-tasking is handled in a more iOS manner.

No need to call me daft.

It irks me that I have to open whatsapp and wait for it to download my new messages after showing me half of it in the notification.

Think it’s fun on a bad network on EDGE in a 3rd world country?

You wouldn’t know.

When would it be okay to expect proper multi-tasking?

When the specs start to match laptop specs?

I’m still puzzled as to why people are calling this new generation of iPhone the “iPhone 5”. It’s going to be the sixth generation, powered by –no surprise here– iOS 6, a sixth generation software. Can anyone provide some insight?

omgno1cares, its iPhone 5 like iPad 3.

Its easy and convenient.

Another Sony inspired iPhone. lol


I think it’s actually kind of hilarious that a huge amount of clear Apple haters, who would be unlikely to ever buy an iPhone, no matter what it looks like, somehow find some pleasure in making it so clear that they dislike this design. We get it, you’re too “cool” for Apple product. You fabulous rebels.

tbh I’m more disappointed Apple arnt pushing mobile design forwards like they did with the OG iPhone.

Except that they are.

It’s still, easily, the best looking phone out there.

It doesn’t have to be a gigantic, dramatic redesign every year to be pushing design forwards.

Refining an already good design is more beneficial than just redesigning every year and hoping it sticks.

Yes, I agree there are different ways of doing things.

Apple wants to keep the status quo for the most part and upgrade incrementally.

Android makers like to make a whole bunch of designs for people to choose. Not to mention, Google has a few different kinds of OS out there (Gingerbread, ICS, Jellybean, etc.).

It’s just a philosophy. You sound like you are butt hurt that people don’t like this new design. You realize the people you are talking to are most likely tech-loves who consistently WANT change and innovations all the time.

I’m not “butt hurt” about people not liking the phone. (I hope you realize how stupid saying “butt hurt” makes your post sound though)

But if they’re going to post their opinions about how terrible it is, I’ll respond in kind. That’s all.

It’s just discussion. I’m no more “butt hurt” about them disliking the design than you are by me liking it.

The part that is amusing isn’t that they dislike it. It’s that they’d never buy no matter what it looked like, but they sure want to make sure we all know how much they hate it anyway.

They like to make sure people know they hate Apple because some childish Apple users (most notably the iPhone users) decided to troll against people who used non-Apple products.

In fact, this arrogance by Apple fan boys have been going on for years now. (I don’t blame them. They went through a lot. lol.)

Now that Android has caught up and seemingly surpassed iOS in a lot of areas, Android fan boys are now lashing out at Apple fan boys. It’s very similar to how fans of sports teams lash out at other fans when their team beats theirs. Visa Versa.

Nowadays, the Android fanatics certainly seem to outnumber everyone else.

Or, at the very least, they are far more vocal and hostile.

Yes, because they grew in number recently. Look at the sales of Samsung phones. They are just going up and up. Every phone they put out sells pretty well.

I also think some of the people that lash out against Pro-Apple (even borderline fanboy) statements are not even truly Android/Google fan boys. I bet a lot of them own Macbook Pros, iPod Touch, etc.. As of late, Apple has been annoying a lot of Android fans with the whole patent thing and past hatred that’s carrying over (as I mentioned earlier).

There’s been quite a bit of “Boycott Apple” discussions across the internet.

This whole fanboy flame war also happened with PC vs. Apple. Eventually, it will be something else.

It’s not ugly but it’s not new either. This is another reason why I like Android more. You’re stuck with whatever device apple gives you. OPTIONS are the key when buying anything from a house down to a phone.

At first I wasn’t that happy about the “leaked design” but now that I see it in a more polished version I kinda like it and I think this could totally be the real deal. Apple makes a revolution with a 1.0 then evolves the idea and the product. Looking backwards years from now this could totally fit into the iPhone evolution line. Although I also wouldn’t mind a more revolutionary design.

aesthetically, I find the iPhone 4/4S very beautiful….but the original iPhone is hands down the most comfortable

Same boring design. People expect more from Apple – a design and UX led company.

I’m sorry to break this to you guys that expect a hologram iPhone, but I think the iPhone isn’t going to change radically in the near future. This isn’t like the iPod, where the screen could change to any size because it was just music. I think Apple will make advancements in other areas, like weight, battery life or reception. But the iPhone form factor is well established, as I bet all of you can recognize an iPhone when you see it. It’s a very iconic design and it will evolve slowly. Apple isn’t going to copy Samsung or HTC in designs, and they don’t need to.

By the way, doesn’t that dark metal look like the “Liquidmetal” technology that Apple bought or licensed?

I thought fully assemble meant all the phones parts were put together. ie., processor, battery, not just front and back panel put together

I’m glad Apple decide to double-down on secrecy.

Apple has a a lot of work cut out for them if this is the new idevice. I’m so getting a Samsung Galaxy S3!

I prefer the design of the 4(s) to this design, with that said, the metal back seems like a very nice touch compared to the glass one.

I’m glad they’ve finally decided to use a larger screen too, I’m sure a lot of iOS users will be happy with that feature.

This just shows how much Apple corporate culture has changed. If Jobs was still alive that Chinese supplier wouldn’t have had the balls to show those pics.

Man you all are either trolls or blind.

The iPhone 4/4S is literally

-flat band

-glass front/back

This is

-stainless unibody back w/ inserts

-curved band

-glass front

If you think it looks the same, you either being disingenuous, a troll, or don’t look at things closely enough.

haha didnt pick up on the fact the back was metal.

There are hundreds of differences b/w Samsung products and Apple if you list it out but Apple is suing them anyway, and the customers are also apparently getting confused. Its about the BASIC design.

I’m not blind or a troll, but the front and edges look pretty similar

I like Apple as much as the next guy but this is the 3rd time we are going to get the same design. Apple is fucking lazy.

Apple is doing the same thing they doing with the MacBook pro, iOS, and OSX.

Apple is doing the same thing they doing with the MacBook pro, iOS, and OSX.

Succeeding and selling like crazy? Yeah.

Well based on last quarter they are losing badly to Samsung and getting outsold by the GS3.

They can’t keep giving us the same phone design and same stale OS and expect people to keep buying.

Well based on last quarter they are losing badly to Samsung and getting outsold by the GS3.

Those are seasonal dips in sales, and largely expected. Apple still outdid Samsung in profits.

Until Samsung and Apple both release flagship devices on or near the same day, this stupid “the GSIII is so much better, look at the sales” stuff is irrelevant.

Compare the first month of GSIII sales to the first month of 4S sales, it’s no contest.

Of course a brand new device will outsell an 8 month old one when there is an imminent upgrade right around the corner. That’s kind of a no-brainer.

They can’t keep giving us the same phone design and same stale OS and expect people to keep buying.

Good thing they aren’t doing that then, huh.

Don’t you remember when everyone stopped buying the iPod because the design barely changed over the decade?

I don’t remember that…because it never happened.

The Oct ’07 Apple earnings were nearly $7B, more than a quarter of that being iPod sales.

The only thing that slowed iPod sales was the iPhone and iPod Touch.


You know, I thought you may have been joking when you posted, and I thought about not responding, but based on some of the other comments here, I couldn’t be sure…

Apple partially outdoes Samsung in profits because they have very large profit margins from the products that they sell (Because by Jeebus an iPhone does not cost $650 to manufacture). I think I read that Apple gets up to 58% from the iPhone and 32% from the iPad.

Yes, further pointing out that Apple isn’t losing at all.

I never liked the skins on their products, for me it’s stock Phaeton anytime. It takes ages to get the updates!

This design is starting to look a bit outdated…

Looks….EXACTLY the same…

Looks gorgeous just like the iPhone 4 and 4S. Still the best-looking phone along with the N9/Lumia 900. No need to change it significantly as long as there isn’t anything better-looking. Apple knows it’s a status symbol and people can distinguish it right away. That said, yawn, and I would buy a GS3 or WP8.

Re the initial “fragility” debate. The Motorola MB525 is the pinnacle of mobile device design. With fan-crafted ICS or JB, its a device that is butch, malleable and infinitely useful.

Love it! Apple perfects their devices, as opposed to others who release devices, then redesign them because it turned out the last device wasn’t as good as it said it was. The same goes with Android UI designs.

You are coming off as desperate all over this thread.

The design is nice, just like every previous iPhone. You cannot expect EVERYONE to like it.

You cannot expect EVERYONE to like it.

Please quote the part in this thread where I suggested everyone should like it.

I’m not ‘feeling’ this design —although I said that about the 4 and I grew to like it

polycarbonate is the future guys! just look at the lumia 900/htc one X! premium plastic!!!

Jonathan Ive must be setting a new world record for longest holiday break ever. He should really report back at work by now.

The biggest change in this design is the uni-body design. All parts will be attached to the metal back. Instead of a metal frame in the middle and two glass sides. This is actually a pretty big change from engineering side, but not visually.

This will not sell well

You are a fucking idiot.

I don’t dislike the design, but the back part seems so horrible, I would never imagine Apple doing something like that.

two symmetrical black bars are horrible? why?

What makes it “horrible?”

I have a hard time believing that Johny Ive would approve of those speaker grills.

Honestly, what else were y’all expecting? It looks like an iPhone.

I donnot like this design. There is no Sign of Apple in there. I donnot like Apple but the design always was the point to buy a device of them.

it really looks unfinished

… and it looks like … a long iPhone 4S !

nasty ole ajiphoney

I think I’d rather have just a aluminium body all round or at least an all aluminium back, I think I’ll stick with nexus

I ultimately use my phone. I don’t fondle it.

I am weird like that.

Well, it seems like Apple may be keeping a similar design hee.

Well, maybe the redesign comes in 2013.

Or maybe 2014


Anyone for 2016?

Do I hear 2017?

I imagine Apple feels the need to space things. I mean, just how often can you do a complete redesign of a phone? THe main part you use is a rectangular screen.

I mean laptops are getting difficult to rally differentiate. Same basic shapes and function. Some a little thinner. Some a bit lighter. Some built with different materials, etc.

I think Apple just does not feel rushed to do a huge makeover.

I guess Apple could have went with Samsung’s worn down bar of soap look which was made for humans?

I don’t dislike the new design, but then I’m 10X more interested in how it works, the smoothness, the performance, the battery life, the cell reception, the reliability than I am the color scheme.

It would be so funny if we was expecting Apple to launch this iPhone and they launch a different looking iPhone.

If you think about Apple hardware it’s all reached a point now where any further refinement seems unlikely. Jobs always said a rounded square was the best shape, and if you look at Apple hardware, they’re pretty much all variants on the rounded square. (except the Mac Pro, which is an abandoned product)

I just wish they’d scale the iPhone up and give it a modern screen size. 4.7″ is the standard now.

No, 4.7 is too damn big.

Frankly, this design seems to corny and Apple would probably get slammed for this. I really hope that they’re doing this just to raise our hopes or something. I hope this isn’t the real thing.

It also appears from these images that Apple are no longer interested in having the thinnest phone around. The iPhone looks rather portly compared to the competition now.

Ermmm… It’s rumored to be 7.6mm thick. That’s a whole mm thinner than the S3.

I like it. The back is really nice and the phone itself looks thinner. I’ll always prefer glass/metal over plastic, it’s just more robust and has a higher finish than plastic. Sure plastic is more flexible and resistant to drops, but I did drop my iPhone 4 from 5-6 feet high on ceramic and wood floors without the glass being shattered. It all comes down to how you handle it and take care of it.

Can’t wait to see the specs and how it performs in real life. The actual iPhones are a success and it would be strange for Apple to come out with an entirely new design. The iPhone 4 and 4s build quality is very good and the next iPhone seems to follow the same path.

I like it. The metal look makes it look sophisticated.

If this is real, it should be called the iPhone 4SS. BTW, there’s no way that this is real.

I have a simple question for people that say “it is time for a new design.”

Why ?

1) Smartphones are fundamentally a slab of glass with some kind of casing. That honestly limits the types of designs you can have.

2) Apple’s phones (and basically all of their products) are differentiated from their competitors through their use of glass, ceramics and aluminium. iPhone, iPad, etc are all dense feeling devices. How could Apple change its design significantly? If they added a plastic back and a larger screen, Samsung would likely sue them for infringement.

I went and bought the 4S because I feared that they would change the design too much. At this point the best way for Apple to introduce “newness” maybe be to add new colors (notice how most people buying iPhone now get the white because it seems newer).

Whatever the new iPhone is; I hope it’s at least a little wider, not simply just longer.

Agreed, but the more rumours i hear the more it sounds like thats not going to happen. I dont need it much bigger, but would be good.

Hmmmmm. I don’t know. It kinda looks like a phone. An iPhone.

this is what the iPhone 4s should have looked like, but I still like this design iPhone 5 !

Looks like something Sony would design.

Does anyone know a good lawyer? Cause Apple literally stole my design idea I have 4 months ago

Not similar enough.

LG’s lawyers will be in touch!

Worst paint ever.

This is what I had in mind…

Sincerely disappointed if this turns out to be the next iPhone. I have an iPhone 4 and I really do like the design. But it is time to move on now. Do something new and just as brilliant. We have all been looking at this design for too long. Change it up, and this time don’t steel the design from Sony.

What do you mean “too long”? The iPhone 3 looked like an iPod so there has only been 1 generation of this design. And the two before iPhone 3 looked about the same so I think this will stick for a while.

iPhone has become a phone for the old people.

I dunno how they could possibly top the design of the original 4. So just adding a bigger screen makes sense to me.

The iPhone is so ubiquitous now; it is the new (old) Motorola RAZR. It is understandable that Apple is too scared to deviate too much from such a successful formula. People looking for radical change will have to go elsewhere.

I’m excited to see what the next design holds whether this is a photo of it or not.

I have a 4S and sometimes miss the feel of the 3G. But I still think I prefer the design of the 4 over anything else so far. Although… the Edge iPhone back was kinda cool.

I think it’s also important to step back and just be amazed with the amount of technology that sits literally in the palm of your hand. I prefer the iPhone to any other phone but if Android works better for you, use that. Same goes with any device.

This is the first time I see a an Apple design and instantly think of ways it could be better. If this is the final design I might just consider not being such an applefag anymore.

all the hipsters will say “its so vintage!!!”

seriously apple design has never impressed me. it remind me of what someone who has no l33t skillz thinks is good design is. apple is the bubble writing of hardware.

nokia 6300 is MUCH better phone!!!!!!

I’m kind of surprised it looks so similar to the current design but I’m ok with it. I think the 4s is one of the best looking devices available.

I have a feeling the hardware won’t change drastically until we see a significant change to iOS.

i am not much of an iphone fan, but what would be really cool of apple to do with their new phone is to release it with different colours under the glass on the back. i have seen a few places that will do this for you, but it is pricey.

Even though i’m pretty damn disappointed with this “new” design, its probably really close to if not the same as the final, real design. Would have preferred a 4.3 inch screen, and hardware/materials like that of the htc one x.

I don’t like it at all!

I hope that’s fake. After having the same designed phone for over 2 years I want something a little bit different.

I have to think its fake though, that speaker grill is hideous.

are you sure ilab is Chinese?

I was an early adopter and ran through every version of the Iphone until the 4s which was basically a bogus upgrade. I flirted with wp7/Focus but just let like an unfinished product. Finally switched over to the GS2 and now have the Galaxy Nexus which is an outstanding device.

It will be nearly impossible for me to switch back to ios but I really think the iphone5 has great potential regardless of any drastic re-design. It looks good. It’s thinner and the screen is finally larger. It’s going to be a hit.,..that’s what I think and although I despise Apples litigious nature, I wish them well. And there best be a notification light goddammit.

This probably only matters to gadget geeks like me, but i was very much hoping for a bigger redesign after staring at my 4 and countless other peoples iPhones for 2years.

I might keep using my iPhone 4 if there isn’t much more of a design change, i think it will pretty much look and do most of the same things. (Honestly even as a power user, i only NEED web browsing, email, messaging, calls, current apps.)

Honestly even as a power user, i only NEED web browsing, email, messaging, calls, current apps.

That pretty much makes you not a power user…

What exactly does a power user do with his/her phone? Play games?

Love the brushes metal!

I really doubt if iLab Factory is a Chinese company because that is absolutely Japanese.

I like the design. I wish I could try out this basic hardware with Android 4.1 installed.

(I realize that won’t happen. I prefer Android to iOS, but Apple makes nice hardware. I am content with my EVO 4G LTE)

I don’t understand why everyone’s disappointment here (again).

I think that this will be a much slimmer design than what the pictures allow you to see. I hope it feels more like a combination of the original iPhone and the iPhone 4. I still have my original iPhone and I love the way it feels in the hand. Of late I’ve been getting tired of iOS though, but everytime I go into a store to look at other phones, 1. – I can’t try out the phones, 2. most of the time they just fee like cheap plastic. I personally hope they have more to show with iOS 6 than what was shown this summer, because Jelly Bean looks impressive.

Oh and I just wish they would get rid of the stupid home button.

Looks great! iWant!

Looks ok wouldn’t buy it though. Apple need to do something different

More of the same. Who would’ve known?

Gee wiz, it sure does look different from the last two models!

Of course, I will wait for next year’s iPhone.

I’m really the farthest thing from an Apple fan but I actually like this design. It’s not that different from the current phone but the subtle changes make it much nicer for me.

I still wouldn’t buy one but I really do appreciate this design

That three band design makes it look like part of the protective plastic backing didn’t get peeled off. It looks awful, other than that the phone is alright if not interesting.

Haters gon’ hate, but I love the 4/4S design, and this looks to be an improvement on it.

Ugh. Same old brick.

I’m worried about the new designs. Essentially I hold the device like this

Why move it to the bottom? I’ve never had a problem with the cord falling in front of the screen, but it does solve the issue of putting the device into one’s pocket differently than normal. I’m just guessing but I figure many other guys know what I’m talking about(girls less so since many use a purse). Normally you place the phone into your pocket, top down, screen facing your thigh, such that the home button is where your thumb will be when you whip it out. With headphones you suddenly need to maneuver it in a way so that it goes bottom down thus, leaving the headphones at the top. It’s kinda annoying but we just have to deal with it. After flipping it around a few times to do this, I’m suddenly phone spinning master. In these new designs this will be a thing of the past.

Whoo! but now I’m suddenly thinking about how this effects how I hold the device normally with headphones plugged in. I’m used to having that bottom left for my pinky. I often slide the placement of my pinky right around where that new headphone jack is. Of Course, I’m right handed, this probably isn’t an issue for people who are left-handed.

Just to try it out I plugged my headphones in, flip the device so the headphones are in the new placement and sure enough, it was really uncomfortable. I kept wanting to toggle my pinky from one side to the other. My grip feels loose when I have it on the left side of the jack and my pinky feels cramped when I have it on the right side of the jack. I’m sure lefties have had to deal with this for a while on the ipod touch it’s just really annoying for me.

maybe it’s something I could get used to.

If this is the design, it’s pretty boring IMO but the thing will sell like nobody’s business. Apple definitely knows how to take a good design, improve on it, then sell more than last year.

The design is fine, one the best, if not the best. But with a ho-hum iOS6 and a trivial screen size increase, I am not real excited. Hopefully Apple has some surprises in store for the next iPhone.

I strongly dislike the design of the back-plate and bottom of the phone

I like the back. Looks good and like it might be more sturdy than recent models. Maybe I will stop seeing a million ugly cases hiding beautiful designs.

It’s a iPhone 4S in Titanium Grey. Mind, blown.

Are you kidding me right now? Bland. iphone 4S2 indeed.

So this is what it’s like when Apple “doubles down” on secrecy.

I was thinking the same exact thing.


Dear Apple,

Victory has defeated you.

– Bane

I was wondering what would break first,

Your Software ?

Or your design innovation?!

breaks phone over knee

I think it looks nice. But no back glass.

So a long iPhone 4 then, oh joy, so why do I want one anyway?.

Also some companies selling iPhone 5 cases already, how is that possible?

could’’e designed that in 5 mins…

let’s pray it’s fake!

I really hope this is fake. They barley tweaked the design! I was really hoping for a complete refresh, especially on making the phone lighter then the heavy brick it is right now. Disappointing.

yawn…more of the same

almost 1000 comments on the “looks” of a phone.. sad.

my 2cents if it HAS to be about the looks, former one was too small and glass is too shatter prone.

leaving the big bad wolf in it’s walled garden out of the equation, I’d buy this design if they fixed these two points..

Why is it sad? That is all people have to discuss at this point and, surprise surprise, one of the selling points of the iPhone is its design.

We reckon iPhone 5 is still the favourite for the name of the new iPhone, but it could follow the new iPad and end up being called, simply, the new iPhone. We really hope not. One thing is for sure, Apple has already filed a complaint over the ownership of the iPhone5.com URL.

– Sara

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Runs around waving galaxy nexus in triumph

Thank you based Samgsung

Not bad, but I expected something else.

Now that’s good design. It’s simple, uncluttered and doesn’t scream. Thinner, taller, darker. Materially honest – glass, aluminium – each presented without embellishment (People don’t put enough value on material honesty – tactility matters.) And the new speaker configuration references the new venting detail on the MacBook Pro w/ Retina display. If it’s a fake, it’s an excellent fake. Like it. A lot.

I actually quite like the design, looks equally premium to the predecessors.

It doesn’t look that sterile as its predecessors.

But since I won’t buy an iPhone anyway, I don’t care.

I just observed that since Steves dead there’s no more innovation.

The new dock connector would be their biggest fault. There’s so much accessory for the “old” dock connector, so you will have to use an adapter. I’m quite sure that Steve Jobs wouldn’t have done this.

I really loved Apples simplicity but now there’s Android.

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