Battlefield 3 is not a luck based FPS, at least not as far as suppression is concerned.

Suppression update from the new patch!

  • Reduced the inaccuracy added when in suppression. There is still an enhanced suppression compared to the initial state in the game, but the effect is now less than it was in the last patch

So suppression will still be more than straight out of the box, but it will be less than now. Baby steps for the time being.

Dice need to grow some balls and simply remove all the debuffs execpt blurry screen from most of the weapons, everyone being able to suppress everyone else leads to blah gaming. Leave the debuffs on the LMG and vehicle weapons. This gives support a niche ability that is quite nice and suitable for the weapons they are carrying. If not can someone explain how to balance AR vs LMG? Does the LMG become complete spray that cannot kill anything similar to the M60 in CS? Does it become a single shot high damage accurate rifle with unlimited ammo and quick reload? Does it simply become weak and useless.

Because beyond debuffing targets balancing an LMG is difficult. Proven by many games over the past decade!

I’d blame suppression.¬†Gun fights are largely down to luck due to it

apSlain writes here

If suppression is the deciding factor wouldn’t the player who shoots first and thus applies suppression first be the deciding factor?

That is more of a [reaction|situational awareness|prediction|rubble camping ability] type thing rather than luck?

Putting bad design down to luck is a bit of a cop out. A mechanic that creates a situation where the player shooting first gets an even larger advantage is detrimental to the game, because the player shooting first already has a massive advantage, suppression or no. This has been true in every FPS from the dawn of time but even more so in modern FPS where the TTK is extremely short and skillful movement is not a factor.

Since the patch your screen appears not to go blurry when taking damage, only when bullets go near you. According to Demize you are still suppressed when taking damage, even if there is no visual indicator. Excellent!

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