Friends lists are a bad benchmark of game popularity

VoodooMeatBucket writes… Somewhere in an old Whirlpool BF3 thread.
There was maybe 150 – 200 (130+ alone joined the WPP platoon) and now I would say there would be less than 50 and thats being VERY generous.
I don’t really feel this is a valid benchmark.
In my experience – sorry these titles are quite old.
q2-q3 reduced my friends list
ut-2k3-2k4 reduced my friends list each time
rtcw-et reduced my clanmates friends lists from the previous title
Vanilla World of Warfraft – Burning Crusade reduced my friends list
To be honest BF2-BF3 reduced my friends list the least because I played BF2 with casuals. They all play BF3. This is not to say that BF3 is “good” because of this, it is simply highlighting that friends lists are not a very good benchmark for player retention.
In all circumstances my friends list grew because of new players, with the exception of BF3 because I am not down with the hardcores.