I would say quake is not a fast paced FPS

Mav_au said..

Too old for fast paced ­čśŤ

.. somewhere in this thread.

The comment was made in relation to the new Tribes beta. I would say quake is fast paced.

Battlefield 3 is also fast paced, but in a different way. A more, twitchy way, which is funny because the Battlefield crowd on Whirlpool seem to think that “twitch” games are things like quake, COD (roll them together :( ) and counter strike.

Checkout this random duel on my all time favorite map. Two of the best US players. Checkout 1:25ish. You don’t get quality like that in battlefield, or any current FPS for that matter! ­čśŤ

Is it fast paced? Sort of. Each encounter is significantly longer than a general encounter in Battlefield 3.

Here is an example of good Battlefield 3 infantry. Courtesy of the clanbase comp the Australian team won. I guess the closest you can get to the top quake players in the previous video.

Notice how all the encounters are very short. Short to the point that it is a “player who reacts first, wins”┬átype deal. Compare that to the previous quake video. A few spawn kills may go that way, but generally there is a lot of tactics and drawn out encounters involved in converting each point. Primarily note the time of the first death, quite a while after the players have seen each other.

The tactics involved in the ongoing game for quake are extremely apparent. Back and forth, cutting the other player off, predicting movement and so on. This is not apparent at all in the Battlefield 3 video. In the Battlefield 3 videos defense it is a kill compilation so somewhat hard to comment on in that regard, but in my experience simply reacting first and putting fire on the target will win more often than not.

Being old and your reflexes getting slower is ok. Picking a game like Battlefield 3 over something like quake is a mistake because of age. If anything you would stand a better chance of playing an even game in quake. You will lack reflex time but can make up for it in other ways. In battlefield, and most of the current crop of FPS this is not the case. Reflex is all.

I might expand on this later, but for now this is it.