BF4 has dumbed down FPS even more!

@40655475 astro_ant writes…
[“Dumbed down and added crutches like lock on weapons and suppression to lower the skill cap. But still more entertaining than Call of Duty.”]

The problem is this (dumbing down) has been occurring since day 1 in FPS. From a team perspective TDM in quakeworld has amazing depth, both from an individual skill point of view as well as teamwork required. Also the 3-4 popular maps lend to very different play styles – almost to the point of infantry maps / full vehicle maps as a BF3 example.

This depth has been watered down in the decade+ since, especially from a team stand point, to where we are today.

One BF title to another or BF vs COD is hardly the issue. The games are hardly the issue either, well they are but they are the problem because of the playerbase. They simply don’t want that game anymore.

And the saddest thing is that, while the huge skill cap in quake could possibly have been argued as a.. bad thing, in 2000 with small player base, now it would not be such a bad thing. Larger player pools, possibility of matchmaking make these “problems” less glaring.

This is coming from someone that never played TDM in quakeworld and until recently had not even watched it. When it comes down to it the amount of communication and working together is huge compared to BF or COD. And then you add on individual skill caps? We have an awesome game.

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