BF4 gameplay will probably be the same as BF3

@39181245 WerTicus writes…
[“Less of that please i like to be able to win because of my skills not because i picked the wrong class or vehicle.”]

This will always be a problem in this type of game*. Short of giving everyone a counter to everything.

*class based with vehicles that can only be destroyed by some weapons/vehicles. Hell even just class based games that are rock > paper > scissors style.

Things being OP are fun, they can make games that turn one way or the other quickly. Red armour, quad damage and rocket launcher in quakeworld? Check. UT weapons all being able to instagib players, even with high health? The UT big armour being worth more than three times the next armour down? check. and so on. These things made the games good, along with good gameplay.

However even with the best gear in older FPS you could die, easily. Got red and quad? Maybe the other team will flood you down with spawners. Sure you got six kills but you died away from the red armour room and now the enemy has a rocket launcher in there denying it for the next minute. Got hold of the big armour spawn? Well they have the weapon spawns now and will beat your ass to a pulp shortly.

Of course using these things takes skill, and team coordination, but anything can kill anything. At similar skill levels you get good games. At uneven skill levels you get scorelines of 300-50.

The problem with BF is that everything is just handed out. Realistically with 64 players and the load outs available jets should be gibbed as soon as they come near enemy players. 32 potential stingers (even if they are not good) will take down your jets and choppers, or at the very least deny your area completely.

Everything should be countered as soon as it comes to bear. Tank? 5 RPGs will take care of it.

The only thing this does not apply to is infantry gameplay. You can’t just spawn as a tank to kill three infantry guys.

The above not happening simply highlights the mentality of pub gaming.