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I don’t mean to be a detractor or anything like that, but has “Android activations” ever been defined? It would seem to me that that would count anytime anyone resets their phone or buys one second-hand would count as a new activation. I highly doubt that would be a significant number that Google would report that instead of actual device sales to make it look better than it actually is, which begs the question, why not report actual devices?

Because there are at least a dozen Android manufacturers so Google can’t track their sales…
Are you really asking this question? Apple is the sole manufacturer of iOS devices, so they know how many they sell. Google doesn’t commercialize all the Android devices just their branded ones, so they can’t track the sales, what they track is the software getting online once it’s activated and since it’s linked to specific components within that device even if you flash ROM the phone, it’d still count as one activation. Now please stop being intentionally obtuse and implying Google is padding their numbers while Saint Apple is always legit.

But you have to remember all of the non-cellular devices that run on Android as well, including mini-pc, all of the various WiFi only pure Android tablets and media devices, Amazon Kindles, Google TVs, actual TVs, set-top boxes and all of those other Android devices that are not even counted here. According to Google, those devices don’t figure into the count at all. Given that Android products increased their world-wide market share to 42.7 percent from 39.8 of tablets now, that is a significant number unaccounted for. In the US, that percentage may be even higher.