How to fix Mouse Lag in Black Ops 2 :COD BO2

Like most games Black Ops 2 can suffer from mouse lag*. Like most FPS it is easily fixable with a few tweaks via the menu. In addition to the “normal” problems like vsync and raw mouse input, BO2 can suffer from frame rate degradation when aiming down sights.

*My guess is the majority of players run with some sort of acceleration. Between bad mice, bad graphics settings and mouse mats, the large majority of gamers would have input lag of some sort but not even realise or notice. This paints a picture of just how bad and out of touch the average player is. On top of this, mouse lag is

The usual mouse lag fixes apply to COD: Black Ops 2

Firstly wireless mice always have some sort of latency – if you are using a wireless mouse this is the first aspect to fix. The one exception is the Razer Mamba, I know a few guys who are picky but think it is acceptable. I would not use it but they seem to think it is decent. Google “mice with flawless sensors” to find a list of good mice. Deathadder, MS 3.0/wheelmouse, some new zowie to name a few.

Disable pointer precision in control panels and turn off acceleration if availabe in game. Also turn off any acceleration your mouse drivers are adding.

Next up you will want to disable vsync – in BO2 this is listed in the video settings menu listed as “Sync every frame”. Why the COD devs needed to rename this option I have no idea but there it is. The basic problem here is that vsync is generally not implemented correctly and causes 1-2 frames of latency. This value varies based on your monitor refresh rate as well, on a 60hz LCD the effects will be more noticable, on a 120hz less due to each frame being half the duration as the 60hz. This is an important point to note, many players may be getting 120hz LCDs and liking them more because of this.

There are better ways to limit frame rate, but since Carmack does not work on these titles we will never have tools like com_maxfps. If your video drivers externally let you limit FPS you may wish to try this for frame capping. You could also do vsync via your drivers to see if it behaves better than the in game implementation.

The next fix would be to update your video drives. Both nvidia and ATI have pushed newer drivers since Blackops2 release. Both card manufacturers address FPS issues providing smoother gameplay as well better performance.

Input latency for BO2 should be easy to fix

Finally tweak your video settings for better performance. The usual suspects are prime targets here. Texture quality, screen resolution, model detail, etc. Turn this down to get stable FPS, frame spikes can feel like mouse lag at times and they detract from gaming.

To recap

  • Make sure your mouse is wired and decent
  • Disable any external acceleration in windows or your mouse drivers
  • Disable vsync
  • Update your display drivers
  • Tweak for performance