What is teamplay? For Battlefield 3, COD, MOH and other games.

What is teamplay? For Battlefield 3, COD and other games.

@36457045 ´Milan` writes…
[“Friggin DICE & their neglect toward encouraging teamwork in this game…..”]

I started this post before Milan said this. Good timing 😀

This is a four part article about teamplay and what is/is not teamplay.

What is not teamplay?
It is important to understand what teamplay is, you will become a better player when you know what constitutes a good team member. Read more..

Situnational Awareness and Teamplay
A primer to introduce the idea that teamplay is really an extension of situation awareness. The interplay of your team with the enemy and the game enviroment is paramount to becoming a better team member. Read More..

So what is team play?
A breakdown of how simple, yet difficult good teamplay is. Read More..

The Death of Teamplay
The Australian bf3 community thinks that DICE have killed teamplay with the latest version of battlefield by leaving out commander and in game voice. Read More..