Situnational Awareness as a Primer to Battlefield 3 Teamplay

This is part 2 of a series about teamplay
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Sidebar: Situational Awareness and Teamplay

There is a post on reddit about situational awareness in Battlefield 3. It is a good post, but at the same time a very basic post; albeit a very long wordy, basic post. The ideas it discusses are basic tenets of FPS games. The fact that this post is so popular yet basic and garners much attention after more than 15 years of FPS (Quakeworld being the first) is a somewhat sad statement about gamers. Firstly the fact that it is popular and is linked to frequently indicates that players are not really learning, even after all this time. Secondly, in the same vein, the fact that it is linked to points to the fact that there is very little content out there about this sort of thing. And there really is not that much content. Want to aim better or talk about mice/keyboards? Not a problem. Discussions about what to do in situation XYZ? Not a chance.

That post is the start of good team play. That post is about self, but can easily be expanded into team. That post is FPS basics, but also key to understanding FPS, by yourself and as a team.

Most players get hung up on improving aim, while this is good to a point* the reason you lose 1v1 fights is because the other guy is more aware than you are. He knows you are coming and is preparing before he sees you. On the other hand you playing on reaction.

On top of situational awareness gaming is about creating opportunities and position that gives you the advantage. Decisions and actions in game that are the “safe bet” are generally the better option, even in pub games. That is a topic for another day, possibly never since it is difficult to articulate into words.

*Reliable mouse, low sens, decent mat. Stop changing your sensitivity.

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