F2000 in BF3 and attachments: You have got to use it now for assignments;

The F2000 was slightly buffed in the Close Quarters patch, it is now somewhat useful. The Bullpup style Assault rifles in BF3 are superior to their regular AR friends for hip firing but both the F2000 and FAMAS are somewhat lacking for ADS and longer range use. The F2000 and FAMAS are now some of the best close range hip firing guns in the game, probably only outclassed by the pump shotguns (MC870 and SPAS) at close range. The P90 is still good with laser (possibly slightly more accurate when hip firing) but the higher rate of fire and higher damage of the assault rifles are generally better. Both the F2000 and FAMAS are let down by long reload times. Also when hip firing with the F2000 it pays to quickly burst rather than full auto as the recoil and spread are not really manageable on full.

F2000 Attachments

As per my other article that outlines attachments in general, the F2000 setup should accentuate the best features of the weapon. This means attachments will make your weapon operate better from the hip. For this you have two options: laser sight or suppressor. I presonally like the laser sight as it seems much more effective. The suppressor is still useful thanks to its spread reduction. However the drop off and damage drop off, even for close range is a bit of a killer. You want to steer away from the heavy barrel; it has a negative hip fire modifier. Foregrip is intended for this type of setup so you can take it!

Tips for hip firing the F2000

The primary benefit of hip firing is being able to respond before your opponent (if they are going to aim down sights) and if they don’t ADS then hopefully your setup with laser sight will crush them. One important point to remember is to go easy on the sprint; it totally kills your reoil/spread modifiers and will stop you hitting anything. When you approach a corner I would suggest killing spring and corner aiming around the corner. Practicing in the middle of Noshahr TDM is a good idea.