BF1942 was casual and all following titles has suffered as a result

The point Rynn is making is entirely valid. BF3 is NOTHING like BF1942.

Powerslave118 writes here

I agree 1942 is nothing like BF3, or BF2 or BFv or 2142. 1942 was populated by casuals from the other hardercore FPS that were popular at the time. I don’t know anyone remotely good that left the games I was playing to join 1942. And besides trying it breifly I do not blame them! 😛

This was good in a number of ways.

Firstly the type of gamers that left their previous games to play 1942 were the type that would sit down and have warm fuzzies about things such as not base raping, not camping on the crane/roof in TDM, not repeatedly spawn killing people.. and so on. Many of these players were not hardcore in their previous FPS and 1942 could probably be considered their “cherry popper” for high play time. I find people talking about their original game tend to overlook its problems.

Secondly it created an atmosphere of not super competitiveness. The players that left were not the reet (to use a phrase from the period) crowd and did not bring massive egos and dickheadishness that went along with it. They may have been competitive and had awesome close games, but they would not have been the total dicks that inhabited the upper mid to lower upper player tiers in other FPS. Sidenote: Most of the best players I knew from back then were good guys, the almost there crowd were the worst.

I remember a conversation with a guy from ozf. He was asking me my opinon (from me playing UT) about tanks, or something. This guy was really casual in UT, yet he was asking what I thought (as a decent player.. in another game) about how tanks should engage each other. Competitve spirit. Check. Decent, not stupid playerbase, check.

Thirdly it was new, fresh and different to the other FPS of the time. This allowed players to overlook glaringly obvious flaws that would otherwise detract from the game.

So yes, this has been a tradition, nay a prerequsite of BF games since the original. However the developers have never implemeted things like spawn protection or any of the other no brainer mechanics that would cut back on some of the glaring problems the series has suffered from. At least in some players eyes.

Also BF1942 was an unballanced terribad game.

I don’t think map size or vehicle loadout is the culprit here. The biggest problem is the community today. The gametype has never really worked, at least not the way people seem to think. It was babied in by non-hardcore players and cultivated by the skill and strategy of these players that did not involve spawn rape. The problem is the game is massively casual and this is really the first implementation where more hardcore people are playing.

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