Sounds in FPS are not just for positioning

Parranoid writes… somewhere in an old Battlefield 3 thread on Whirlpool.

Quake and UT for armour/health/ammo pickups and CS for footsteps.

Some insight that newer FPS players might appreciate.

Sound for pickups were not just for positioning. Hearing a player pickup mega or an armour would then make you take note of the time on the game clock so you could come back later to contest the respawn.

On the flip side if you were getting the item and just drove off your opponent but did not kill them you could possibly delay till they are far enough away to not hear it. This would put their timing of the item off – based on the assumption that you picked it up as soon as possible after they ran away.

The obvious benefit from that is they will be hanging around waiting for it, but you could use it to offset multiple items so you have access to two pickups. Quite often the gap being too short and the other player getting one by default.

So not just for the here and now, but also predicting player movement with pickups in the future!