Are jets really balanced and do dice have a hardon for them?

JoeKerr writes… here

Jets are supposed to be super-fast, intimidating bits of machinery

…so do you want them to be awesome or not?

I want jets to be balanced. I think part of the balance problem stems from Dice wanting non-infantry equipment to be significantly more durable and intimidating than infantry, whereas I think it should be simply like picking up another weapon.

Jets should be quick and easy to destroy Рif your load out suits Р just like it is quick and easy to kill another infantry player. This should be especially true on instant vehicle spawn servers. By the same token Jets should destroy other things quickly, which they apparently already do. Choppers, other jets and even ground targets melt before them.

This is not to say Battlefield 3 jets should be useless, or die when looked at, and a good pilot should be an asset that contributes to the overall game. Much the same way a good infantry player can turn the tide and help out significantly. There should be solid counters that are easily deployed by infantry and not limited to other vehicles or jets.

The current incarnation does not do this, it is extremely difficult to shoot down a jet as a non-jet, non-AA unit. The Whirlpool conversation on this topic continues along the lines that mobile AA and base AA is ok for killing aircraft. Other jets are also ok for killing jets. Infantry are pretty useless for killing jets.

I am not here to offer a balance solution because really, I don’t care and if jets (and even choppers) were removed my game would be relatively¬†unaffected. This post is just here to say that jets should not be awesome and intimidating bits of high-speed machinery. They should be simply another facet of the game, that is balanced and similar to picking up another weapon in a more traditional FPS. Not similar to picking up quad damage plus¬†invulnerability.


NussBuster writes… here

Yes, very good, I’ll be happy when they are. As it is they’re _any speed you want_, intimidating bits of machinery.

Sums it up quite well. I think the any speed is a dig at externally binding heavy brake.